Telford Tornado Hot Water Tank leak

5 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

My sister has aTelford Tornado unvented copper hot water tank which was fitted about 8 years ago. It has now sprung a leak from a lower outlet. The outlet has a threaded fitting, but the leak appears to be coming from the fitting that is part of the tank rather than the joint at the screwed connection. The plumber said the tank should be replaced and has quoted over £1000. Another plumber said the tank could be repaired but it would have to be removed for repairs in his workshop and has quoted £500 for the job. What does the repair entail? Any readers/experts have a suggestion please? Many thanks
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Don't they have a 25year warranty be worth checking
Thanks Doitall, was wondering about this after I spoke to my sister. The plumber seems to imply that the warranty does not cover the area of the problem?? Is there a fix for this problem in case the warranty does not cover this problem?
Are you sure the leak is coming from the bottom connection and not from a top connection and running down ? (silly question but you have to ask)

The last telford I worked on had a expansion vessel at the top which was inside the casing this had sprung a leak (common fault) and was running down the inside of the casing and wetting the floor.
It was only when I took the top of the cylinder off that we found the expansion vessel surrounded by water. £70 for new vessel and all was well.
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Hello compheat,
I noticed that there was a red cylinder tank mounted on the outside and above the hot water tank. Is there also an expansion tank inside the cylindrical water tank? Sorry to display my ignorance, but would there be a source of leak at the top of the hot water tank (cylinder) which runs under the white casing and shows at the bottom outlet? This then would explain why the threaded joint is dry but the water comes out from the pipe stub joining the tank. Does one need to remove the top of the cylinder to check this out? Thanks for your input. See pictures below:

View media item 45653 View media item 45655 View media item 45678 [/img]
The red vessel is the heating expansion vessel.
the way to check is this, if the hot water outlet is coming off the side of the casing approx 12 to 18" from the top then thats the top of the cylinder and whats above is where they put the domestic hot water expansion vessel. the top of the casing is just flat and should come off.
Hi Compheat,

Many thanks. Presumably the top of the cylinder has a dry compartment and no danger of flooding if the top is lifted. I tried looking for a parts list for this model on Telford website mainly to get a picture of the internal arrangement, but no joy. (also to see if I could identify the expansion tank part number) Any ideas? Is the likely source of leak from pipe union or seal in your opinion? I will get my sister to look into this one (probably using a friendly plumber) as it now seems there is a chance it is a leak from the domestic water expansion tank as you say. I will update on the findings later as I am 90 miles from her. This could save her a lot of dosh. Appreciate your input.
THe expasion vessel just corrodes,
You dont need to buy a Telford replacement just one that has a 3/4" male connection and is approx 25Litres and also is the correct dia.

You will need a plumber who as got his unvented certificate to do the work correctly.
Thanks for the additional info Compheat.

Dan_Robinson: the plumber should take care of the tpv?? Is tpv some sort of thermal valve?
It is the safety valves coning off the side of the cylinder.

It has a bend too close to the tundish. If the valve opens significantly there will be a flood.[/b]
Great stuff Dan-Robinson, thanks for the info. Will ensure the plumber is aware. Helpful forum here. :)
No worries.

There should be at least 300mm between the black tundish and the first bejd. That bend should be pulled, rather tnan a fitting.

The pipe should be able to cope with a full discharge.

Make sure the engineer holds a G3 qualification. He should hhave an ID card .
Thanks to both the contributors. Will ensure a qualified plumber tackles this job. Unfortunately the person who fitted this system 8 years ago has now retired to sunnier climes :D

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