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24 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hello all, I need some help on getting my Chine to sound when waking in the front door.
I would like to have the front door (PIR/Zone 1) chime on the 3 keypads, when someone walks in the front door 24/7.
Do I need to have a sounder/speaker attached to the keypad, or should the built in speaker work on the keypads?
System details below
1x Premier Elite 48 CAB-0001 V2.11
3x Premier Elite keypad DBD-0170
1x ComIP CEJ-0001 module
1x COM 2400 CEC-0001
1x Expander 8XP
1x Expander 8XP-w GCD-0001
10x PIR AFA-0001 AMQD
2x PIR AFS-0001 AM360QD
2x fire Exodus RR AGB-0002
2x Premier Elite Siren odyssey 3
4x Smart Keys
1x 12v battery stolen out of the kids 12v car
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Chime on pir at front door ? That will drive you mad on a pir ..... Also using a 12v battery from a used ? Kids car ? Not a good idea....yes it will chime from the keypad speaker if chime programmed for that zone and speaker tones not turned off !
Couple of concerns as sparkymarka has already raised.

Hearing the smoke/fire alarm, eve with your keypads turned up full volume can you hear the alarm?

You need to make sure that unarmed fire coms is on in area options or you wont hear a thing when the system is unset and the smoke goes off.

Make sure you can hear the smoke alarm when its unset from areas people may be in!!!!
Sparkymarky, thanks for reply
The front door never gets used, so thats why i would like to try the chime.
12v battery is not that old and good enough to get up and running.

Ive tried the following on wintex
chime option 1 2 and 3 on different zones too
control timers on area for 24/7 and off
Global config options 11 chime visible on and off
Keypad chime tone from keypad on and off

but just not making any sound
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Have you tried turning the chime ON ? If you have quick set option on the keypad just press the chime button to toggle on/off it should chime at the keypad when you turn it on...
Hi Secureiam thanks for your consern, but hoping ive over engineered the system 😉

The texecom heat sensors are in the garage, and are set on permanent arm, so if actived it will set off the two extrenal sirens, and the 3 keypads in house, also i will get a call/sms to mobiles

The house has its own 8 smoke/heat sensors in series on a closed loop, to its own zone on the panel, and 2 x CO2 sensors to a different zone, both zones are set to permanent arm.
They all have there own built in speakers, so they will all sound even if only 1 is activated , also setting off the 2 external sirens, 3 keypads in house and calling/SMS to mobiles.

But as for your question about will i hear the smoke alarm, yes bloody load thing lol 😁😁😁

If permanent arm means they are in an area that is set you should be okay, if its ona fire zone in an are that's unset then you need to have the unarmed firecoms on.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) or CO (carbon monoxide)? which detectors you using out of interest.
Sparkymarka, yes i have tried this but instructions say you should hear 2 different sounds when turning on and off, i only get one sound and it still does not work 😞

whooops i was doing it wrong, i was not logging in on keypad first, was trying to cheat and just hit the chime short key direct.
Yippppeee one problem fixed many more to go lol

Many thanks to you Sparkymarka 🏆🏆🏆
Secureiam, whoops miss type meant CO sensors for Gas Boiler lol
You got me thinking there on the setup, as i have them on fire and 24hr gas zones.
so I just pressed the test button on one of the house smoke sensors with alarm unset, and everything went off even the wife for wakening up the kids ☺️

Do you know where the option is for the unarm fire coms on wintex is so i can double check ?

My system is set up on only one area A, but has two part arms
Full arm on area A. Full house and out buildings
Part arm 1. Out buildings
Part arm 2. Out buildings and some of the house
Sounds like you have it turned on then..... she should be grateful you know the kids will wake up if theres a fire.

if your using the keypad, eng code, 2 yes 5 yes, think its 20/21 unarmed firecoms should have the same area assigned to it as those for the smokes.

I would also turn on part arm coms so the external bells go off when part set if you haven't already.

Sorry on wintex its in Areas, Options tab.
Yes it's turned on, and the part arms are on too
Many thanks,

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