Texecom: How does one install/run Texbase and Montex

10 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have just installed Texbase 2.8 and Montex 2.11 that came on the CD I got with my Com-USB cable.

I am now trying to run Texbase (as administrator) but I get the following error before anything loads:
"Exception EDBEngineError in module Texbase.exe
Unknown Database
Alias: Texbase"

From what I can work out the software uses Borland database and is expecting that a database exists somewhere with the name Texbase.

The Texecom FAQ helpfully says:
"Q) I have just installed Texbase, why does it give me an error message when opening it?
A) This is because you need to add Texbase to the BDE administrator for it to work."

But gives no further details. I have searched and searched but to no avail.

How do I start the Texbase or Montex software?

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You need to set up the database

do you have an email address and the settings, cant use gmail or hotmail
Thanks for the reply - how do I set up the database?

I have an email address that isn't hotmail or gmail. What will I need it for?
Thanks, Kevin
can you get into the control panel on the pc and see BDE Administrator?

Ned to create a new object standard database, rename it Texbase
and set the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Texecom\Texbase\data or equivalent on your pc

there should be instruction with the files you got to install?

for texbase and montex to send you messages, it needs to connect to a mail server to send the emails out.

I have an early start tomorrow so if your around some time tomorrow give us a shout if your still stuck.
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I found BDE Administrator in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE.

I then created a new database, STANDARD, PARADOX and then set the path as you described.

I then loaded Texbase and it seems to be ok.
I'll give it a go and let you know!
Thanks, Kevin
Texecom have launched push notification etc for there app now, so you may not need montex texbase setting up
Can confirm you no longer need texbase/ Montex as the modifications to the app allow push notification.

This can be run on Old panels and new panels, subject to panel version and limitations.

Premier Elite V1.00>

Premier 48/88/168> 8.13 panel version will affect functionality however the panels can be flash upgraded for full functionality

Premier 412/816/832 limited function on smart key.

I have used the new app on an Elite 12W and on Premier 48 V 9.02 so can confirm the push notifications work okay.
Hi, unfortunately I cannot check it. I was hoping it would work with com-usb (that I have already) but it would appear that I require com-gsm or com-ip (neither of which I have).
you would need the com-ip/ or gsm com to use montex texbase also.

a com-ip would be my preferred route if you have already have broadband and a router to plug it into.
Sorry, yes I was also referring to Texbase/Montex.

My problem is that my internet is from Virgin Media and could be easily disabled by cutting the cable via the small service cover on the pavement out the front of my house.

I can already access Wintex via remote desktop and it would appear that when my alarm goes off I get text messages from half my neighbours! (as happened last week) So perhaps buying a com gsm is an expense I can live without...

Thanks for your help
the unit will report back if the line is cut as it will have failed to poll.

but if your nei9ghbours are that keen then save your money.

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