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10 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom

I'm just in the process of setting up Push Notifications on my alarm panel.

I have manged to get it to send me emails however I am not receiving any notifications on the App. Suspect its a phone/app issue? (Apple device)

I am using the IP Com module for communications. Am I correct in thinking that the IP Com module will only allow one connection at a time? I don't seem to be able to have the app connected and connect via Wintex at the same time, from reading that looks normal behavior? Can someone please confirm that is the case?

If me and the wife have the app on our phones, can we both have the app connected and receive notifications? I'm thinking the notifications come via Texecom so that should be achievable?


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Thanks for confirming.

Is anyone able to advise on the push notifications.................

I am getting the emails but no push notifications when doing a test call. I will try arming and setting it off when I get home later to see what happens.

I have checked the phone settings and notifications are allowed, the app connects when I select SmartKey, I can arm and dis-arm remotely. Anyone got any ideas?
In the app under notifications have you put your email address and account number ?
Have you put the same email address in notification section in your wife's app and same account number or have you put your wife's email address in notification section on her phone ?
You can only have ONE lead email address per account number and up to four different email accounts .
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good luck as the notifications are not reliable, see various threads on the subject.

Thanks for the replys.

I have managed to get the notifications working (now seems fairly reliable) my problem was down to the app on the phone! Hopefully this can help someone else.................

I was using the "texecom smartkey app" which wasn't getting any notifications (even though it has all of the sections etc). Putting the same information into the "texecom keypad app" and the notifications work perfectly!

Looking on the app store it looks like the "texecom smartkey app" has been removed! Can anyone confirm? I've had it on my phone for ages and arms/disarms just fine.

Emails however are not reliable........completely random sometimes I get them sometimes I don't.
The keypad app has both the smart key and a keypad.

The smart key app just had the smart key.

Initially they were chargeable apps, the smart key being cheaper, as they are now free they may have dropped the smart key as the keypad app has both, although I don't know for certain.

Emails and notifications are not great, the ios devices tend to fair better with the notifications than android.

Having conducted tests with texecom for one of my customers everything gets to Texecom, but doesn't necessarily get delivered, if the notifications stop on android, going in to the notification section and registering again(don't change details) seems to give it a kick, only ever done that on android as the ios seems stable enough.
I have now set the "smart key app" with my internal IP so I can set the alarm when connected to the LAN.

I have put my WAN address in the "keypad app" so I use that externally.

I can see similar behavior with the notifications/emails........If I capture the traffic on my firewall I can see it making the outbound connections for various events however I randomly get the emails.

Can it be configured to relay the messages myself? ie by running software locally?
yes the port forwarding works fine and I can access the panel on the WAN addresses.

I meant regarding the random email delivery.......I can see the connections being made to texecom and I get the push notification however the emails often don't get delivered to me.

I'm assuming once the panel connects to their systems and the message gets delivered, Texecom complete certain events including sending a push notification and sending an email?
during the tests I did with them.
email rarely delivered
android rarely delivered
ios always delivered

in the early days accounts in there hundreds( had a few between 100 and 200 mark) it worked pretty much perfectly across the board.

did lots of test and confirmed that the messages were getting to the Texecom servers, the servers they say processed the info and sent out, confirmed by the ipad receiving the notifications, the android phone was connected to the customers wifi as was the ipad.

when you look at alarms on the app, you can recover the last message received by the Texecom server.

In my opinion the Texecom server is getting and seeing the incoming messages, just not sure it can cope with them all or the system for delivering them cant cope.
In my opinion the Texecom server is getting and seeing the incoming messages, just not sure it can cope with them all or the system for delivering them cant cope.
@ littledevice I'm just a home user but have done extensive tests on my own system and can concur with what Secureiam says. I found its used to work great 18 months ago (when there where only a few hundred accounts), then it went progressively worse to a point where 50% of my push messages didn't get through, recently though its got a lot better. I report on every arm and unarm and still get 5 to 10% of push messages that don't get through, not ideal if one of those messages is a genuine break in attempt.

back to one of your questions about monitoring it yourself, I run Montex (available on the install cd) on a PC at work via a private line so its pretty reliable. I find that all messages and polls work just fine, even when a Texecom push message doesn't arrive I double check the log on my Montex server and I can see that my panel did report the event so I can also assume Texecoms servers also received that event. I even emailed Texecom once to check if they received an event that I didn't get a push message for (but my Montex received just fine) and they confirmed with me they did get the event from my panel and did initiate the push message, I didn't receive it though.
@littledevice Hi, I came across your thread when I was looking online for help to try and get the email notification to work. I read that you had managed to get it to send you email notifications. I've checked the Texecom app notifications setup and all the relevant fields such as email addresses and account number are correct. I do get the push notifications but just no emails. Would you be able to help - is there anything else that needs to be done in order to receive email notifications? Many thanks!

Any help will be much appreciated.
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It is recommended you speak with Texecom directly about notifications, there are many threads on the notification issue.

Alas they appear to be pushing Texecom connect to fix this and as far as i can tell it will be additional cost involved.

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