Those silky silly remainers just don't get it ......grow up.

To add,

In 1948 the right to have more than one vote - through owning business property or through having a university degree - was abolished.

I believe it was 1950 when Attlee won as the first true election where one man, one vote was implemented.
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:rolleyes: typical remoaners be little democracy in this country .

let me remind JD & *ankerot

Italy fascist dictater ship 1930's

Germany fascist dictatorship 1930's till 1944

Greece facist military dictatorship 1970's

spain fascist dictarship 1970's

Portugal military dictatorship 1970's

Bulgaria Communist dictatorship 1980's

Hungary Communist dictatorship 1980's

Alkbania dictatorship

Yugoslavia under Tito 1970's

Poland communist dictatorship 1980's

Romania dictatorship 1980's

Latvia soviet state

Ukraine soviet state

Finland soviet state

France vichy france

etc etc
Austria part of Nazi Germany

If it was not for the UK & the USA there probably would never have been an EU ;)
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JD mentions the Magna carta in 1215 :LOL:

magna Carta in 1215 yes he mentioned the Magna Carta signed in 1215 :LOL:

Incidentally was Robin Hood present when the magna Carta was signed in 1215 ?? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

He was in the last film that was made Ridley Scot was the director :LOL:

I worked on the film set , well sort off :sneaky::sneaky:;)
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