Toilet Cistern Dribbles

24 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I have a problem with my toilet cistern.

It doesn’t seem to shut off properly in that after the inlet appears to have stopped, but there is a small dribble running down the rear of the pan. I’m assuming the flush/outlet valve is sticking, not closing properly, or has bit of debris blocking it. It is definitely not overflowing.

I have looked for obvious obstructions, sticking parts etc and have given everything inside a squirt of limescale remover, but still it dribbles.

The cistern was ready fixed to the unit when I bought it about 3 years ago. Its a very compact Evo cistern so it’s hard to get my hands in anyway.
I’m now at the stage where I either

(a) Try to replace the cistern – going by the size I would need the same Evo version if I can find it. But don’t like that idea because if something fails I would rather buy different in case it does the same, and also because it was ready sealed/fitted I don’t know how easy it will be to replace.
(b) Buy a complete new toilet set.
(c) Ask on this forum for any ideas before I do a or b!

Any ideas anyone?

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Have you checked out the inside of the cistern, these days the flush system incorporates the overflow, (no overflow outside of property)Giving the householder a visible check on the water level

water runs into pan instead of being wasted outside.

So it could be the float system needs adjusting
Hi Bosswhite

No its definitely not overflowing. I have over filled it, just before overflow, to see if the increased pressure would shut it off fully, but it still dribbles.

I'm convinced its a faulty or minutely blocked flush/valve . Just don't know how to prove it or repair easily.
Replace the internal flush system with a Flapper valve system, you should have no troubles after that.

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Do they work with push button flush?

A quick google showed me all with chains/handle flush.

Any idea where I could get one please?
Do they work with push button flush?

A quick google showed me all with chains/handle flush.

Any idea where I could get one please?

Push button or handle both with chains.
Screwfix sell them

You either love them or hate them.

You checked the flush seal yet then ?
Theres nothing that can go wrong with a flapper system unless one cuts the chain too short or breaks the chain.
Push button square or round, plus lever three choices
No not check the flush seal yet as cant see how to do without removing everything. So that will prob be the weekend job.

Just checked on the Screwfix site for the flapper system and one review said this...

Leaks badly
24 Mar 2010
By wabbit1
(read all my reviews)
, Edinburgh
"Bought this today as my existing dual flush valve handle broke.
You get what you pay for and this cheap valve leaks a small but steady stream of water into the toilet bowl.
The red flapper is plastic and not soft rubber so doesn't form a proper seal, thus allowing leakage of water.

Sounds exactly like my problem!!!!!
Just to say I have fitted a number of them over the last couple of years or so and had no problems or call backs,

Sounds like this person didnt fit it properly. probably cut the chain too short .thats why the valve dosent seat properly.
Fitted my Fluidmaster flapper 5 years ago. Still works like the day I fitted it.

Square button is for front or side fitting, round button is for top fixing, lever version uses your existing handle and is for front fixing.

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