Toilet Cistern Small Trickle of Water Into Pan Constantly

21 Dec 2011
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United Kingdom

Have an issue with the toilet; firstly a few seconds after you had flushed it, a trickle of water would go from the cistern to the pan. After a while it stopped doing this, however I've noticed that there is constantly a small trickle of water from the cistern to the pan.

I've taken a picture of the inside of the cistern, could anyone please advise what might be causing this and what I need to do to fix it?

Thank you in advance!
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when it is trickling, is the water level quite high, and up to the top of that central tube? Or does it trickle even when only half-full?
Hi JohnD,

As far as I'm aware the water trickles all the time, every now and then we hear a noise that lasts a couple of seconds which I believe is the toilet drawing more water into the cistern, presumably to replace the water that has gradually trickled out.

The picture shows as high as the water level gets, it is about half full and doesn't get anywhere near the top of the tube. So yeah it is still trickling when at the level shown in the picture.

Thanks a lot.
then it would appear to be the flushing valve that is leaking. I am not a plumber and do not recognise the one in your cistern. Almost certainly a modern Fluidmaster will fit and may also be better quality than the old one. You will have to take the cistern off to fit it, so get a new doughnut washer as well and grease the threads of the new bolts well. You will understand why once you have got the old ones out. Or ask friends and neighbours to recommend an experienced local plumber.
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As the other lad says its the flush valve ,Ive just changed mine and it did the trick.I had a complicated valve system in mine but yours looks like a flowmaster from b&Q at a tenner would sort it out.
Hope you get sorted.!!

Just to update the thread, it was the flush valve - the rubber seal was wavy/perished creating the slow leak from cistern to pan.

Replaced with a Fluidmaster flush valve part 550073, annoying job due to lack of room to manoeuvre, found out the toilet cistern was fixed to the wall with silicone only.

The cistern was not level either and I think this is why each nut had a piece of copper pipe under it as a collar? Total bodge job?

Unfortunately the doughnut washer from my WC Close Coupling Kit, Screwfix part 84958 was too big, when in situ there was a big gap between cistern and pan and the whole thing wobbled!

So I had to reuse the old doughnut washer and bodge back onto the wall as it was getting late, work the next day and only one toilet in the house.. made a mental note to get a washer and sort properly.. no leaks..

Fast forward to now, there is a slow leak - drip on the left hand side, not sure how long it has been doing this for, don't think any serious damage has been caused?

What size doughnut washer do I need to get please? The one with the kit had an outer diameter of 100mm, inner diameter 58mm. The toilet brand is Lecico .

Also the push button squeaks a bit, will it be OK to use WD-40 on it?

Thanks in advance - invaluable help here for this complete novice!

Kind regards,

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