Trickle of water in cistern

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I walked past the bathroom & i could here the cistern filling up.
I was the only person in at the time so i took the cistern cover off.
I couls see a small trickle of water flowing down the side of the pan.
After say 5 minutes the cistern started to fill up for the small amount that had been running down the side of the pan.
As i watched for a while it become a cycle.
Water down the pan,blue float would notice that the level had dropped,cistern would fill up,float would then stop the incoming flow,then start over again.
I lifted the large round flap in the bottom of the cistern and just give it a wipe with my hand & the face it sits on.
No foreign object there.
I have noticed that there is an elastic band on the item,shown with red arrow in photo,this had broken.
Not sure if this has anything to do with it as there aint much pressure from it even when it was all ok i assume.
Toilet cistern fills to the correct level & then stops as it should do,which is say 1 inch away from the top of the overflow tube in the photo shown.
Please advise where i am to start with sorting this out.
This is a New toilet & cistern / bathroom suite installed within last 8 months.

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Well if it's new, it was bodged.

You haven't had the flush valve replaced? I've never seen a flapper valve installed from new.

Have you tried pushing the flap down to see if the water stops flowing into the pan?
If you are talking about the black tape & 2 bolts i can explain.
When the fitter came to install the bathroom suit the original flush handle etc was damaged in the box.
What you see in the photo black tape & screws is what i had to do by using the old flush handle etc until the replacement arrived.
It arrived some 3 weeks after the phone call to the supplier victoria plumb.
I then decided as it was working fine like this to leave it.
I pushed it down but no difference.
I have turned the water off,removed the flapper if thats what you call the 3 inch item at the bottom of the cistern and cleaned it with a tooth brush.
Replaced back in cistern,still with the water off & then filled the cistern upto the line in the wall of the cistern just to see in 1/2 hour the level drops or not ?
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A flapper valve should not be fitted with a standard lever/spindle/arm configuration such as yours is.
It is too easy to either rip the chain from the arm or even dislodge and damage the lid.
A question for you.
Should the flapper have the elastic band around it if so why ?
Should the water in the cistern push down on the flapper keeping it shut by using the weight of the water ?
I've no idea what make your flapper valve is, but I'm doubtful that there should be an elastic band where your arrow is as standard.

Gravity, amongst other things, closes the flapper and keeps it closed.

I'd never fit another brand other than Fluidmaster.
No water had entered the pan once it was cleaned.
I connected the chain back up to the handle and now after some 1/2 hour i have not heard the cistern refill.
Previous to this thread it would start to fill at least 2 times in 1/2 hour so i assume all is ok now.


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