toilet cistern keeps filling

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not only am i not a plumber, i think i've failed to get my photo to show up - trying again
there is the photo! things are looking up.
if i replace the syphon on my close coupled toilet i have to take the whole thing off the wall to fit don't i?
when i first put it in i had to go back to it a few times because it didnt seal too well, silicone did it eventually, and id like to not have to do that - i have been told to get a DUDLEY (?) which would mean any future probs could be dealt with withiut taking the lot off the wall again - is that righ? t - i got that tip from a mate not a plumber!
that be a syphon u have there ship mate so its almost certainly not the cause of water running into the pan, its more likely your float. have u tried adjusting the float.

:idea: of course you could be really unlucky and in actual fact your syphon is leaking from the backnut, in which case, yeah its syphon out, swap for a dudley 88 and you're away :idea:
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thanks for all the suggestions, i understand more and i think we're nearly there

chrisoxford, water level too high in cistern overflows thru internal overflow - this must be because the fill valve/float not shutting off. have tried two different fill valves (have two identical toilets) neither shut off this cistern but both do in the other toilet.

charnwood and seco, flush valve letting by - yes, probably, that's part of the syphon isnt it?

adl and alzor, not the float, i've tried two of them - which bit is the syphon back nut?

as far as the supply it's a 1 inch copper going down to a smaller - 1/2 inch but don't know if thats off the mains

thanks again, don't give up on me yet!
just remembered what i saw on someone elses post on similar prob - someone suggested a different fill valve that is stronger - if that makes sense - a black and grey thing from wickes for 9pounds something that works much better than the torbeck one like i have. is that worth a go too?
Black and grey thing would probably be a Fluidmaster.

You have a syphon, not a flush valve - 2 different things. A syphon will only let by if the inlet valve is letting water in all the time.

A Dudley Turbo 88n syphon is nothing special, aas syphons go. Yes, you can replasce the diaphram without removing the whole syphon, but you can do that with a CME/Macdee Metro Rapid, and for about a third of the price.

If you were to replace the syphon (yes, you will have to remove the cistern from the wall) I'd go for a flapper valve every time.
so tomorrow i will go to wickes and but a fluid master and i will go on internet and get a cme macdee metro rapid, thanks for your advice and i hope to let you know 'job done' when its all fitted
just realised - the macdee metro is a syphon but a good one, a flapper is recomended - is that different to a syphon? got any brand names? sorry, confused again
had a couple of refreshing drinks and its late, just remembered charnwoods photos and had a look - a flapper is not the same as a syphon by the looks of it, will get one of those at wickes tomorrow too

Flapper valve by Fluidmaster. Available in 3 models:

- Front/side button; 507UKK073 (the one I'd fit if I were you)
- Top button; 507UKK072 (no good for you, top button)
- Lever conversion; 507UKK071 (second choice)

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