Toilet Seat Woes

13 May 2009
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United Kingdom

First post - please forgive newbie status.

Just putting my house on the market and am running out of time to fix a problem.

One of the bathrooms has a broken toilet seat which needs to get fixed before people come and view the place (in a couple of days). So I bought a new seat and "assumed" that this was a simple task. (If Only!!!)

The problem is that the bolts that come down from the seat itself, where they would normally come through the back of the toilet and you would screw the bolts in and tighten the seat up, they do not come through. The toilet is a sealed unit and I can only assume that the seat was attached from underneath before the toilet was bolted in place.

The holes in the toilet for the seat are not threaded so it's not like you can screw the brackets for the seat on. I suppose I could glue them down (maybe) but I doubt they would hold very long.

Has anyone seen this toilet design before and if so have they any ideas of what type of bracket I need and where I can get one in the next couple of days ?

Many thanks

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You need a 'back to wall' type toilet seat, i.e. Top fixing. Local merchants or B&poo should be able to help
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Glad it's not just me !

This weekend, I've been battling with a toilet seat on a wall-mounted washpoint toilet. It's loose and yet I just can't get at it (I nearly unmounted the entire loo by accident!).

How do you get at these things to take them off ? I just can't see it ! :rolleyes:
Not sure you can to be honest. The way they work is there is a spring clip that slides down into the hole which the screw thread is tightened into. To get it off I guess you just unscrew it but as far as I can see there will be no way of getting that piece out of the hole. If you just want to take the seat off temporarily I would have thought you'd need a couple of spare brackets to screw into as a replacement.

Serious pain in the butt though eh!!!
My problem is I can't even see where/how to unscrew it.

Seems completely nuts but there you have it !
Hold up. I've stuck a hand mirror behind the closed lid so I can see the back of the fixings. I can see a tiny hole on each metal fixing and suspect it is a micro-screw......

:D It's off !

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