Toshiba Smart Tv Sound Problem

25 Nov 2019
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United Kingdom
I have a Toshiba 43u6863DB smart Tv which is just over a year old and had very little use. The tv has an optical cable connected for audio output to a home cinema sound system and the tv internal speakers were set to zero volume level. Recently whilst watching the tv and without having touched the remote control, a vertical sound level icon the full screen height appeared on the right hand side of the screen. I am unable to delete this icon, I first tried the ‘exit’ and ‘back’ buttons and then all the remaining buttons on the remote without success. In addition the sound, now coming from the internal speakers, moves independently between the extreme high and low volume positions, alternately cycling between the highest and lowest levels. If I try to change the volume level with the remote the tv automatically resets the level back to the previous highest or lowest level. I have tried to alter the tv system and audio settings using the remote to change the tv menu internal settings but I cannot turn off the internal speakers or set their level back to zero. It almost seems as if a virus has taken over the sound level controls for the internal speakers and is resisting any attempt to reset the internal speakers hack to a zero level but after looking elsewhere on line I have read that it is not possible for a smart tv to be affected by a virus. I would appreciate any suggestions as to possible causes and remedies for the audio problems I am having with the TV.
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I've never yet come across a viral infection for a smart TV. There's always a first time, but the absence of any pandemonium about it on the web would suggest that this isn't yet a thing.

It's more than likely a stuck button on a remote. That, or maybe something to do with HDMI control.

Last night I had something odd happen with my TV (Panasonic GX800) connected to my Sky HD box via a Yamaha AV receiver. Every other button on the Sky remote cause the TV to go in to standby. I checked for stuck buttons on the Sky remote and also my Firestick remote which works via Bluetooth. No joy. So I grabbed the proper TV remote, and went in to the menus and switched off HDMI control on the TV. I then power cycled the TV and the Sky box. After that, I reset the Sky remote, then reprogrammed it with the TV volume control code. Finally, I re-enabled the HDMI control feature. All has worked fine since.

What I would suggest is you go back to basics. Check all the remotes for a stuck button. Remove the batteries from each as you test. Switch off the whole system at the wall socket. Disconnect all but the power lead and aerial coax to the TV. Put the batteries back in the Toshiba TV and switch on the TV alone. Do you still have a volume control issue? If yes, block the IR sensor with a piece of card. Still got a problem? If yes, it could be a fault with the TV or it's still picking up some random IR emissions that you haven't yet tracked down.

If no, then reintroduce one device at a time. Optical doesn't have any influence over the TV, it's purely an audio connection. HDMIs can affect stuff. Make sure to switch off HDMI control to eliminate a potential cause.

HDMI cables are also susceptible to emitting and picking up interference. Have a look at the cable routing. Are any of the HDMI cables bundled together? Are the plugs seated securely? Do the cables pass by any trailing power supplies or wall-wart transformers? You're going to have to do a bit of investigation work to try to narrow down the cause. Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Lucid,
Thanks for taking the time to try to help me with TV problems. As you suggested, I have tried removing the batteries from the remotes and testing each button in turn to see if any were stuck. I also took the TV upstairs to the spare bedroom away from the satellite boxes and cabling in the lounge where I first noticed the problem and connected just a 'NowTV' box but still found the sound level bar icon displayed and the TV resisting my attempts to change the sound settings using the remote. I also changed the HDMI cable to the 'NowTV' box but it made no difference. This seems weird, so I have filmed a short video showing my unsuccessful attempts to change the sound settings but I am not sure whether I can upload it as the media gallery is intended for photo's not video.
Does the TV have buttons somewhere on the frame or back face that can be used for direct control? A lot of TVs do. Have a look to see if one of those is pushed in or there's any evidence of water marks.
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You could upload it to Youtube and post a link to the video!

Its certainly an odd one. Have you enough control of the TV to go into the menu and try to find a 'reset' or a 'reset to defaults' menu item?
Hi Harry and Lucid,
thanks for your advice. There is a control/reset button on the frame which allowed me to reset the TV to eliminate the irritating sound control icon.

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