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11 Jan 2023
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Hi all, I am new to the site and this is my first post. I have searched for the answer to my question and I think I have found the solution, with a contradiction. I am hoping someone can help me out.
I have a Danfoss TP5 upstairs. I have a S Plan system. I have installed the Hive downstairs and all is working fine. I am aware the TP5 has no mains voltage. There are 3 wires behind the TP5. Black to 3(N/O), Red to 1(COM) and an earth to the fixing metal box.
I will mount the hive receiver next to the junction box for ease of access. I know the Hive requires a LIVE and a NEUTRAL. A common suggestion I have seen is to link the LIVE to 1(COM). The black wire from 3(N/O) to 3(N/O) on the hive. The Red wire from 1(COM) on the TP5 is where I am confused.
I have seen in one thread for the red wire from 1(COM) to go to 1(COM) on the hive ... and in another thread I have seen that the red wire has not been mentioned at all, only the black wire 3(N/O).
Seeing that 1(COM) on the hive has been linked to the LIVE and having seen both scenarios, I am a bit apprehensive sticking 1(COM) into a linked permanent LIVE as for the damage it may cause to a unit if I'm wrong.
Can someone please advise.
Thanks in advance.
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The TP5, which has the wires behind, could be mains voltage, and likely given your setup. If you’re installing it near the wiring center, then you might not need links. If you can trace the red and black wires back.
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Thanks for the reply CBW. I should have mentioned that the TP5 (Danfoss thermostat) is battery operated.
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Thanks for the reply CBW. I should have mentioned that the TP5 (Danfoss thermostat) is battery operated.
Yes I know it’s battery operated, but the wires will do the switching, which as I said, could be mains voltage.
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Thanks CBW for the response. You are quite right. Red 1(COM) in the TP5 becomes mains live when the heating downstairs is turned on. I am waiting for delivery of the HIVE stat and receiver and thought I would do a bit of pre planning before its arrival.
With my old timer downstairs (Danfoss FP715), it seems to have kept the system ON throughout the timing period but closed off the boiler and valve when temp was reached. This seems to have allowed upstairs to carry on working, keeping 1(COM) live until temp is reached.
Now, with the hive downstairs, when temp is reached downstairs, everything shuts off and the LIVE to the upstairs stat is gone, so upstairs shuts the valve.
I am hoping that the Hive receiver that is replacing the TP5 will work independently of downstairs. Would the link be required for that?
Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.
In the main, multi zone S plan the thermostat works the motorised valve and the valve works the boiler, so the base unit for any wireless thermostat needs to be where ever the motorised valve is located.

There are exceptions, some thermostats work the boiler using different wires to what works valve, but this is in the main when boiler has OpenTherm controls, and also the Nest e the base is battery powered and the thermostat is USB powered, reverse to normal where base is mains powered and remote is battery powered.

But the first thing is to work out what you want to do, then work out how to do it, there are loads of wifi worked relays which can turn things off when you leave the house and on as you return home. Sonoff for example.

I see no need to alter the house temperature from 20°C to 17°C while sitting 20 miles away, or any other temperature setting, all I want is two temperatures, one lets call it Eco which is low but will stop anything freezing which away, and one call it comfort when at home. Can do this with two very basic thermostats and remote control relay.

What is the important bit, is how far from home will the setting swap between the two settings?

To have the heating turn on as you reach the door is really too late, one want to set some thing like 20 miles away, so heating running for ½ hour before you get home, I know Nest will not do this, don't think Hive will either. Have been told tado will, but never looked into it.

Other option is manual switch on, all the internet connected systems it seems will allow this, but will you remember? I use this system to turn on my AC in the few days in the summer when it is needed, likely around 10 times a year I will actually turn on the AC when away from home, the TRV tells me temperature in the room, and I use a completely different app to turn on the socket which the AC is plugged into. Not worth automating further when only used for 14 days a year on average.

Heating however is used a lot more, but simple time v manual v geofencing, in the main time seems to work out best, yes may finish work anywhere between 3 pm and 6 pm, but I work within walking distance from home, so am home in less than 5 minutes, and simply not enough time from point when I know time I am leaving to getting home to use even a manual switch using phone. I simply use time.

Plus not really fair to let my wife freeze while I am away.

So what are you trying to do?

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