Transmission problem

22 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Recently had a automatic transmission coolant pipe burst inside the radiator resulting in the radiator water mixing with the auto oil. I have replaced the radiator and flushed the transmission oil up to 4 times to remove all traces of water
When driving the car now all appears to be ok until around 1 hour of driving around town a whining noise comes from the automatic transmission and starts to loose transmion and jerky gear shift

Any ideas what is causing this which would appear to start when the oil gets hot, when allowed to cooled down again the car drives ok

The car is a Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.4 1999
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Used to get this on the Mk2 Granadas and the gearbox used water based glues. When it happened the gear box would invaribly fail a short time latter.

The trouble with Auto Gear Box's is they are incredibly complex with close tolerances. Water has very little lubrication value and depending on how far it was driven with the original fault you may find that the box has been damaged and only starting to show up when hot.

You can get Auto Gear box treatments that you add to the gearbox, might be worth a try. Also double check you have used the correct gearbox oil, dont just go out and buy any old transmission fluid.
Thanks for the answer, any advise on how to completely flush the fluid from the gearbox to remove all trace of water, the method I had previously used was to suck the fluid from the dip stick tube but as you know this only removes the fluid that is in the sump at the time and not the fluid trapped in the internal components, I have replaced the fluid up to 4 times but still have a slight trace of water as it soon starts to turn pink and milky
Is there any method of completely draining/flushing the fluid from the gear box that will completely remove any water/moisture
im not familiar with the set up on these but you will probably have to remove the sump pan and clean it out, there may also be an internal filter to change. The torque converter may need draining too if its accessible but you wont know until you get it up in the air and take a look
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i agree with the removal of the sump and aa good clean out, put a pan underneath the gearbox when you remove the sump and let all the fluid drain out of the box for a few hours
how to completely flush the fluid from the gearbox to remove all trace of water

Not possible with the transmission fitted.

Option 1. take the trans to pieces & clear out all the water

Option 2. Use the trans pump to suck up a bucket full of ATF thro' its cooling feed pipe & deposit the ATF & Water mix dumping this in to another bucket from its back feed pipe...... Which oddly enough is great, but the cost of the ATF used will be prohibitive.

Option 3. Replace the trans & keep the changed one in the airing cupboard for three months, :oops:
its unlikely that any amount of flushing will cure this if the gearbox has been driven for any long amount of time. The properties of antifreeze strip the friction surfaces of the brakes and clutches inside the auto box. also you need to drain your torque converter when flushing an auto box, as these can hold the same amount of fluid as your sump but some manufacturers dont have drain holes in there converters. If your g/box has lost all drive its likely the friction surfaces have stripped.