Trumpton says we'll have to obey their rules...

..if we have a trade treaty with them. So if they want to export chlorinated chicken, we can't have a tariff or non-tariff barrier against it. Nor growth-hormone treated beef or dairy products, nor genetically mutated tomatoes or eight-legged turkeys.

Trump doesn't like group treaties, because individual countries are easier to bully.

So we're leaving a group where we followed rules we had a major part in framing, and starting to obey rules set by a foreign country with no input from us.

Take back control, eh?

Remember what I said about US approach to international negotiations? "We fax them our terms and tell them to sign."

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poor old rog needs his nap.

he'd do better to keep away from current affairs, which overtax his abilities.
poor rog is so enthralled that he can't keep away.
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Farage went to Brussels all the time
He did occasionally turn up. I will accept that. But more importantly he never attended any of the meetings on the committee on which he represented UK.
Oops. I misrepresent the true position: he turned up for one meeting.
Brexit: Nigel Farage only turned up to one of 42 EU fisheries committee meetings
Nigel Farage sailed a boat down the Thames yesterday in an attempt to highlight the plight of British fishermen, conveniently forgetting that he did nothing to protect the industry while on the EU fisheries committee.
"Nigel Farage only turned up to one of 42 EU fisheries committee meetings"

There was quite a lot of unfavourable comment that he was being paid to do a job, and didn't do it.
He should have been sacked, or prosecuted,.
Some facts.

We need to renegotiate 759 treaties and arrangements in a little over 500 days.

I would like an honest discussion on the progress of these deals - as there has been none.

Ok so we crash out of the EU, what will that entail?

So which country trades by WTO RULES ONLY.


So we are going to emulate Mauritania?

Come on Brexiters - NO DEAL IS A GOOD DEAL.
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