TV Aerial Signal Distribution

23 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
Good morning

I want to have a distribution system installed so that my aerial serves 4 TV sets (in different rooms). If I understand correctly this will use a mains powered distribution box. Will this use much power? All points will only be used when family visit and 90% of the time it will be just two in use and I don’t want to be paying for more electricity needlessly.

If power consumption is a consideration I would probably just use a splitter for the two sets and portable aerials for the rest.

Any info appreciated.[/b]
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I understand peoples obsession with power consumption, but a sense of perspective is also required. Try to get an understanding of the difference between high, medium and low consumption devices. Manufacturer web sites show the power consumption of their devices, so it's not hard to get the right information. There's plenty of online consumption calculators to hgelp work out the running costs.

Any single device drawing less than 1 Watt isn't worth the time worrying about; and it's certainly not worth spending good money on additional gear to save that in power consumption.

Most aerial amps or their power supplies draw less than 1/10th of a Watt. The cost to run even on the most expensive electricity tariff is less than 5p per month. You have spent more money running your PC to ask the question than it would cost to run an amp for 6 months.

Spending an extra £30-£40 on additional crappy indoor aerials and going to the trouble of switching between the amp and these aerials when family visit is sheer bloody lunacy. Get a grip.
What's the signal strength at your aerial?
(You can check the predicted signal on the wolfbane site or divulge your postcode so that we can look it up.)

I recently got rid of a (powered) masthead amplifier at a friend's house by replacing his old aluminium-foil screen coaxial cable with WF100. The reduction in signal loss meant that the amp was no longer needed.

Similarly, you might get away with a 4-way passive (= no power) splitter. Try it!
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The info I needed - less than 1/10th of a watt - was in your reply so thanks for that. If you had just told me that I could have worked out the rest for myself but thanks for going the extra mile.


Useful info - thanks also.
For the record, I think Chris's figure is slightly optimistic. A typical masthead amp PSU is rated at 12 volts and 50mA. Granted that the amp may not take the full current but, by the time you've factored in the less than 100% efficiency, you are still looking at 0.5 Watts.

Still not a lot but I share your dislike of wasting any power, no matter how small. It's not a matter of cost to the individual but the overall usage and resultant pollution. Somebody once calculated that if everyone in the world unplugged his phone charger for a week, it would be a lot quieter on trains. ;)

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