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21 Sep 2017
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Hi all,

I have a couple of quick questions regarding my flowmeters on my uponor UFH system that I couldn't seem to find answered elsewhere on forum so I thought I would post to see if any experts have a bit of insight.

My manifold is uponor and the flowmeters are part number 1013004. I have 12 loops. I have flushed each one with cold water and replaced all the flow meters with new ones. I have repressurised the system and made sure to bleed any air. I have run the heating for half an hour and there are no leaks and I can feel heat going into each loop. So all good so far.

So I'm at the stage where I want to rebalance the meters to correct flow however some of the meters when I open and close them fully I'm not getting a smooth movement of the float/pin/valve with one being stuck altogether and a couple show only a small movement. (I did this When heating was on and all loops open)

Question 1.

Should I remove the problem meters and clean out the top of the loop pipes with a toothbrush or something to make sure there is no gunk stopping the action of the meter? Or is there something else I should check?

Question 2.

Supposing I solve the above problem and want to balance meters should I open each loop individually with flow going to each one in turn and balance them one by on in that manner? Or do I open all 12 and so flow is going to them all and then adjust them to the correct balance?

Thanks very much in advance!
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