undoing somebody else's bad workmanship?

20 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom

My ‘plumber’ has made a bit of an error. He installed a shower, tray and quadrant enclosure for me and it’s leaking like a sieve. First he didn’t bother to tighten the trap (oops), then I find water pouring from beneath the curved rail that sits on the tray.

I spoke to him and he said….’it’s ok mate, the weight of the enclosure will form a seal against the tray’. Aluminium against acrylic…I don’t think so. He didn’t put any silicone under there. What are my options?

1. Take the enclosure off and run a bead of silicone under the rail?
2. Run a horizontal bead of silicone along the rail from the inside, where it meets the tray?
3. Do likewise on the outside of the rail (where it would be seen)

I’d be grateful for any advice.
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Shouldn’t be necessary to remove the enclosure, unless he’s left it with a excessive gap, if he as it might be worth removing the caps and screws that hold it to the wall channels, putting some pressure on the rail while re-drilling (only if its quiet a way out) Dry around the rail/tray area, Most manufactures tell you to put a nice silicon bead on the outside, I usually do both.
OK, i'm not expert on here mate but i can tell you about the quadrant shower i dismantled a few weeks back that did not leak. It appeared that there was a bead of silicon holding the rail to the enlosure and a bead of silicon on the inside only. Hope that helps!
I am always interested to know how people choose plumbers who do such a careless job and dont bother to come back to sort it out?

As far as the leaking waste joint is concerned then I suppose once a year when disturbed during the work that might happen. If I was a plumber I would always double or tripple check my joints.

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Well this guy came on a recommendation! The toilet leaked because he split the seal, the bath waste leaked and he set the bath so close to the wall I couldn't turn the tap. He broke two tiles putting in the shower valve - meaning I had to replace them; and now this.

I told the wife I should have done it myself - slow but careful, that's me. I haven't paid him yet, he can go and fish for it :0)

Tom JE, thanks for that, makes sense to me, i'll give it a go. Is it true silicone isn't waterproof until completely dry?
I'm not too sure about silicon not being waterproof until its dry - that may well be the case though because i suppose the shape of the bead could be disturbed when its wet.
Silicon only on the outside ( not the inside as previous :oops: ), and the waste, never get a problem.The guy was cheap and so probably wasnt a plumber at all
No silicon the outside. That way if water gets inside a joint it runs back into the tray and not over the floor. A top rep from Matki told me this many moons ago and I've never had a problem since.
Unless the silicon is dry it will just wash out.
using silicone on shower enclosures its down to the manufactuers instructions wether inside/an outside as well ...an wether you did the tiling

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