UPVC rear door

12 Jul 2008
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United Kingdom
My rear door opens outwards and has started to get drafty from the bottom. When locked theres a little play in it at the bottom.

Is this adjustsble? Ive tried moving the bolt holder in the frame inwards but theres no adjustment in it.

Thanks in advance
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Picture would help, you can usually adjust the cam rollers to pull the door in when the handle is pushed up.
I'll get a picture ASAP. What are the cam rollers and how are they adjusted?
Usually with an allen key, post a pic so we can have a look see if that is the type of door you have.
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Heres a few pictures. The keeps aren't adjustable by the looks of it. Any suggestions?





If you loosen off the screws on the keep does the piece inside move? There must be some adjustment.
There's no adjustment on the keep, the keep is on a set resess in the frame.

It's a 10 year old door supplied by Academy Windows.
It may be that the packers have moved slightly around the glass or panel, this could cause the door to move and could affect the closing.
It may be that the packers have moved slightly around the glass or panel, this could cause the door to move and could affect the closing.

Thats interesting and were my first thoughts. I had a ''specilist'' round to fix the problem thinking it needed re packing and he said it didnt and basically left. Im thinking the only option is to get academy back but with a £100 call out charge :eek: i've been very reluctant :(
How much gap is there?
I just think that a 10 year old woodgrain UPVC door......if it's not packing thats the problem then everything else on the door is probably obsolete now...so you may have trouble getting parts for it
Hate to be pessimistic
Can my type if keep as pictured above be replaced with an adjustable type? Would the frame accommodate one?
Any more suggestions on this? Surely something's adjustable as at the time of fitting it must have had to of been tweaked!?
Take the keep of get a stanley knife and slice some of the profile off, i am sure when the keep comes off there will be a little lip..take it off pull the keep right to the edge and refix putting the screws in at a angle towrds the inside of the house
you can change the bubble gasket around the rebate to a slightly thicker one.this may help to stop some of the draught.alternatively you could fit a sash jammer.as well as extra security you can fit different wedges to adjust how tight it fits which will pull the door in,these are easy to fit into upvc profile

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