Using railway sleepers as a base for a driveway + Sleepers or gabions for retaining wall?

24 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
I have thought about using sleepers as a base for a driveway for a while now and couldn't find too much information regarding their suitability. I know they are tough enough but wondered whether they are too slippery when wet to be safe. My driveway would be slightly sloped so unsure whether this would be a good choice.

I am also thinking of using Railway sleepers to build a retaining wall at the bottom of the driveway which will be about 10 metres wide by 1 metre high and i was wondering what type of drainage i should use behind this? I saw a video on youtube and the guy just placed a pipe behind the wooden wall and covered it with rubble.

Where does the water go though? Is it simply to divert it away from the wood?

The other option is have is leaving the retaining wall which is currently there (double buff brick wall) and facing this with gabions maybe 6 inches deep or so. Would this work and how would i secure a 1 metre high narrow gabion to an existing brick wall without it being too noticeable?
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