Vaillant - Nest Heatlink

30 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom

So I have opted to get a Nest.

I could do with some guidance on how to connect the Heatlink to the boiler.
Obviously I can't use the Ebus as Nest do not support Ebus. So I believe I need to use connector 3,4 & 5 on the boiler.

Based on reports of awful install's of Nest's by 1 of there appointed UK subcontractors I would like to tackle this myself. Am fully aware of the need to switch the power off first.

My system is not zoned.

Below are the Nest & Vaillant wiring diagrams.

Any advice appreciated.

Best Regards

Jason Coles
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its a big omission on the part of nest not to use ebus or its other variants and especially the outside temperature sensor...which offer the maximum energy saving potential.

the one thing Nest is doing is get the public to interact with their heating systems, but it does not do anything that tried and tested technologies do not already do.
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Doesnt look like the nest is any different to wire than just about 99% of all clocks/thermostats looking at that diagram
well it can't..

I think its the nature of our industry... boilers and furnaces last 10-15 years and get little attention or up grading... all nest has done is redesign something to work with legacy systems..

it certainly doesn't take advantage of the technology inside a modern boiler...

just playing on public perceptions, and very profitable it will be too...

mindyou in the UK we are not exactly ahead of the game or even up to speed...but thats because all manufacturers in the Uk just exploit ignorance of the public, and fail to keep installers up to date...look at the struggle ebus controls and weather compensation feed back to the boiler has to be adopted here...
It isn't any different - which makes the fact that the other thread even exists laughable - especially if you sat though the schpeel to become "approved" :LOL:

As Alec would say - it's just a numpty on/off thermostat. :LOL:
well the speel has some good points, certainly ones that traditional manufactures don't make...
It isn't any different - which makes the fact that the other thread even exists laughable

As Alec would say - it's just a numpty on/off thermostat. :LOL:

I've done plenty of warranty work for Eco/Greendeal installs, I know how so many struggle to fit two wires into the right connections, even tho they are apparently qualified electricians :mrgreen:
its what the powers that be dictate...somewhere I heard that consensus in the government was that plumbers and heating engineers don't need to be very well educated, or educable for that matter!

the public gets what the public wants..
I don't think you ever got an answer on this. Did you manage to install it?

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