Valentines Day...

If his wife books it you can guarantee it will be a 'male' show! :LOL:
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Is there really any point to any celebration? It's mooted that May day bank holiday is about to be banned, and the Wedding of William and Katie? is a bank holiday, but not recognised as a bank holiday by businesses?

So are these holidays to exploit commercial interests?

Mayday, used to be important, with Maypole dancers, and Morris dancers, that's a tradition, but a bank holiday, to celebrate Hitlers marriage, sorry, William and his bride.
Visit a strip club?
I suggested the football and got a stormy response, so I guess the strip club could also be a no no!
There's a circus on, not my thing!
There's some drag act on, I was never confused!
The footie, offside!
Getting sozzeled, but it's a shyte hole!
So looks like
Northern Soul at Winter Gardens, there's bug-ger all else, even the donkeys are bored sh1tless!
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