vauxhall combo

12 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi guys great start to the new year

got in the van and tryed to start her up with no joy

first itmne i tryed i did try to crank over/turn over twice but now nothingi turn the key and no clicking

i put the car in all gears and neutral and still nothing

i got my multimeter out and hav 12v on the battery when the key is turned it drops to around 11.1-11.4v

ive removed the battery cleaned all the terminals to the battery and the on from the battery to the chassie..

i also checked the relays and fuses with my fluke they seem fine

ive never had any problems with the van starting up at all apart from today
any ideas

got a feeling it may be the starter but surely it doesnt just die ?? if so is this a diy jobby of garage job

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No clicking Lee usually means that there's no juice getting to the solenoid on the top of the starter's the light duty terminal.
Can you try some jump leads first though? I would have expected to see a bit more than 12v at rest.
John :)
Had a problem just like this years ago, also on a Vauxhall. Turned the key and all dash, interior lights went out. Turned out that the starter motor had developed a short to ground, a brush lead was touching the casing.

went under the van today took me a while but sure it was the starter motor just under Tyne oil filter

Gave it a tap and at one stage ehe the key was turn you could hear a loud tap sounded like a solanoid
Then after a while nothing

Got someone to give me a toe and after a while it started up

Drove round the block a few times and left the van sitting with the engine on for a good 20mins. Turned it off and same thing no joy

I did try to find the 2 wires to the starter but couldn't see them. Wanted to check I was getting voltage to the meter....
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another update just got under the van again and have 12v when the key is turned on the black wire going to the starter motor

im guess its goosed
I think that's a fair well as the solenoid shoving the drive cog into mesh with the flywheel ring gear, it also has to pass high current direct to the starter motor.
It would be a recon starter for me!
John :)