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Ventilation around flat roof window

Discussion in 'Building' started by Dylan T, 10 Dec 2020.

  1. Dylan T

    Dylan T

    11 Feb 2017
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    United Kingdom
    I'm overseeing a single tory flat roof kitchen extension that uses two existing walls that are part of a 2 story existing home. Because of the existing walls our building inspector has told us there isn't sufficient air flow and we need to add ventilation around the roof window. (It does seem a little over the top if you ask me). We cannot find any examples of ventilation for a roof window and EPDM rubber roof and our only option seems to be to build our own ventilation cavity and use traditional leads around it. Does anyone know of any other options or systems out there? Ive attached a diagram - existing walls in grey, new in black and roof light in middle. The inspector is worried about air flowing from one side (bottom of diagram) and hitting the existing wall (top of diagram) although as you can see there is still part of the light and roof that is open.


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