Ventilation of old E Type Boiler Query

So how would you classify it?
I must have been fookin robbed.
I bought a house with a Kitchen, Bath and Bed compartment !!

If it has a door and window and is big enough to be utilised as a room.....It's a room ! IMO
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they obviously didn't classify it as a compartment as they would have made the pipes larger - they didn't have to so they didn't do so.
In your opinion what would have been the reason for installing mechanical ventilation when as you say the 'pipes' used for combustion ventilation being adequate?
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Who knows why? - I'd say that they were dealing with a prior owner , who had no knowledge whatsoever of these matters, took the advice on the required ventilation at face value and whoever put the ventilation in exploited their naiveity for their own commercial gain - exactly what I am trying to avoid by posting here after having done a little research!
Gotta luv the 'is it a room or compartment ' argument
Mechanical ventilation void of interlock would be deemed AR...
Hey 'Incompetent DIYer' I suggest you turn your boiler off until such time it is deemed safe...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I would suggest you don't remove air intake fan as you are not qualified to do so.
and I would suggest I take no further notice of you as you cant tell a cupboard from a room!
and I would suggest I take no further notice of you as you cant tell a cupboard from a room!

Have you read the relevant standards on this, specifically what is and is not a compartment? *******************
Abuse deleted.
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Given the choice between a DIYer, unknown 3rd party and Steelmason i know who i would trust to ensure my ventilation is correct.
If this space is solely housing the boiler and is not a habitable space as such then its a compartment.

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