Viesmann 200-w, weather compensator and vitotrol 300 issues

4 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi There

We have the above system installed after some building work was completed. Before the work was done our Viesmann operated faultlessly, but now the boiler has been moved from the house to the garage, we have issues.

1) Firstly, the builder trashed the compensator sensor - replaced
2) We couldn't get warm enough - Viesmann suggested we get a vitotrol300 fitted internally - now done.
3) still cold.

The are no faults lit, and the house is cold. Internal temperature demand is set at 23, outside temperature (according to the control panel) is at 12, and the same panel reads an internal temperature of 17 - no matter what we try we can't get it to go any higher.

Reading around, it seems that the compensation curve needs changing, but after spending an hour googling, i find lots of advice telling me this, but the actual magic to change this remains a mystery.

Can anyone give me any advice? If not, I am just going to put the jumper in the compensator sensor and knock it out of the circuit - this lack of heat is making me grumpy.

Thanks in advance
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I suggest you ring Viessmann technical, who will talk you through setting the WC curve.

As far as I remember (haven't fitted a Viessmann with WC for over a year) you can't alter the set points of the WC from Vitotrol, you have to use the panel on the boiler.

There is a bloke on here who knocks one out just talking about weather comp, no doubt he will be replying soon. :rolleyes:
Why not get the chap back that installed it? This is an intricate system, and diy could well end up doing more harm than good.
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I really do hope that you did not let the builder move the boiler.

Boiler installations should be done by gas registered engineers and in the case of a Viess and ideally by someone listed on their web site as an approved installer.

The settings are a bit fiddly.

Obviously you think that plumbers are thick and that you are better able to deal with heating setups. Thats the case with some but the better ones are quite good and its those you should have to move and set up your boiloer and system.


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