Vivaro will not start

1 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi all, im back again!
My trusty Vivaro has just let me down again?
Could any of you guys shed some light on my problem!
Vivaro 1.9 DI 120k on clock.
Key turns in ignition but not even a click, lights dont even go dim when in starting position?
No click from starter or solonoid.
Runs like a dream if i bump it but obviously cant keep doing this lol
tried both keys and same result.
Tried another battery but still same thing? all dash lights come on as normal and when key is turned they go out as normal
No warning lights on to indicate a fault

Any ideas
Cheers in advance guys & gals

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check battery terminals are clean on the inside where they contact the terminal posts and make sure the negative connections from battery to chassis etc are intact and clean
Hi there,
Thanks for that advise! i have just done that and unfortunately its still the same.

Any more suggestions! please keep em coming.
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Sounds as though you have no power going down the small starter control wire when you go for a start.

If you can check for power with a bulb or meter, then check all fuses.

Have a look at the starter and see, the small wire may have become disconnected from the starter solenoid (round thing on the starter motor).
Silly question and all!

Any ideas where the damn starter motor is! is it hiding somewhere or do i need to get under the van.

Thanks so much guys i feel im getting close to a cure.
Don't know, just follow the heavy wire coming from the positive (+) terminal on the battery.

It probably will be well hidden, somewhere around the joint between the engine and gearbox (bell-housing)
Ohhhly sh*t, it disappeared into the loom somewhere then gets lost under a plate, even with my torch i cant trace this lead from underneath the van!

Im starting to think that's the problem! it just dont have a starter motor!!!! lol

Ok now for another look! remember its boiling hot today and the dam van is parked right in the sun! feels like i'm inside Freddy Crugers oven and hes turned up the heating.

Usually i would love it but today hmm not so.

Right might be best if i take drivers wheel of and approach it from another angle.

Will report my results back shortly. ?
Update, update, gather round!

When your van is on axle stands and your too fat to get right underneath it you know its time to make that life changing decision to diet.
bye bye bacon sarnis.

Ok cos of the weight issue and my crappy trolley jack wont lift the van any higher i am unable to get right under the van to where i think the starter motor is located? (scary place under their!)
I did manage to shine my torch into what looked like an oily black hole, i think the van has been leaking oil for some time and its somehow getting thrown up to where the starter motor is? i also think this oil could be the cause of the problem although i didn't manage to see any loose wires anywhere.
Could it be anything else like a fuse or faulty ignition barrel? im guessing that all that oil is causing the problem i just dont see how.
The connections maybe tight but the oil maybe causing a bad connection on the solenoid wire which is only a thin wire.
Have to have a look at my trafic, sure the starters down the rear of the engine on the left.
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