Vivaro Glowplug light not on and Van not starting

I think this has to be the diesel ECU on this one....but I'd consider giving BBA-Reman a call and chatting with them.
John :)
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You said your friend reset all but one fault codes.

Did this turn off the STOP light?

Previous cars that I have owned have all prevented the engine from starting when the STOP light has been illuminated.

If still lit then I would be searching for the situations which enable the STOP warning.


I am unsure but i think all relays have been tested? however i didn't actually see anyone test them! would this not show on the diagnostic report!

just a thought what is the best way to test them!
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Many thanks for your suggestions, what is the instrument binacle and where is it located,
Hi All,

Many Many thanks to all of those who have given me their valuable help & advise, i really do appreciate it, please keep it coming.

Ok today i fitted another glowplug relay and another full set of relays just on the off chance that my problem could have been something so simple! (Why Meee) lol. No such luck.
I still have the same fault however i have noticed that when i turn the ignition on i no longer get the sound from the fuel pump!
This used to make a sound for about 5 or 10 seconds? i presume its was to ensure diesel is going into the injectors.
I have also noticed on the dash that the immobiliser red light stays on constant when the ignition is switched on, this is also same for the red STOP sign/light. this is also the same if i change all the parts back to the originals so its something i missed out from my original posts?

Can anyone advise what action i can take to try and resolve the problem? without the obvious call to a dealer/stealer.

PS i have called several auto electricians in my area of which none have called me back or even offered to come out! i wonder why.........!

Hiya I know this thread is as old as dust now, I've got same faults on a 57 traffic mini bus had the ecu, bmc, transponder check they've all come back as okay I'm going to check the wiring a little more tomorrow but I was wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this a snapon top of range won't go into it and it as always in the past
Hi all,
Had the same problem on an 2008 primastar and guess what it was the generator, replacet it and got back the glowplugs ligts, imobilizator ligt turned off and van runns fine now.
I have now an 2010 primastar with exactly same issue, no glow ligt, imo light constant on, stop and battery constant on. Ordered a new generator hope this will solve the issue.
The generator is another name for the alternator.....many vehicle systems need a good strong voltage to keep them happy.
John :)
Hi again, my mistake, English is not my daily language, on my 08 primastar the alternator was causing the problem, now i did the same thing but no luck.
Checked the followins:
Fuel is ok, pump is working, fuel comes on the ramp and returns back whend cranking, changed even the fuel filter.
Crankshaft sensor
Glow plugs relay (the module)
Glow plugs
Checked the harnest (seems ok)
Cleaned all the negative conections on the chassis and gearbox
Cleaned egr
Checked the glow plugs Cables = ok
Tryed start by towing + crank = no result
Tryed start with help of startgas (i know it's not good for a diesel) , it starts but Engine dies after 2 seconds.

Still have following: imobilizator light = solid red
Stop ligt = solid red
No light what so ever for glow plugs
Battery light = solid red

Get following codes :
P0670 - Glow plug Control module Contro Circuit / Open
P0110 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit (Bank 1)
P0100 - Mass or volume air flow "A" Circuit (Bank 1)

It is strating to get on my nervs now. Forgot to mention Engine spins smooth and sounds normal when it cranks.

If you have any suggestions don's hesitate to write them
An absolute nightmare, this one.....however, there is a clue in the fact that the engine starts up when fed with Easystart. This indicates that no fuel is being injected in the conventional way and I dont think any of the fault codes displayed have any real effect on this.
I dont think its a good move to throw any more parts at this vehicle but I would have the ECU checked out by a specialist.
Sorry not to sound particularly positive but a Bosch diesel specialist could be worth tracking down.....they can also monitor the high pressure fuel pump when the engine is cranking.
John :)
Whell, i was thinking the same, whent out of any other options.
Thanks for the advice, this van really makes me go
If Imobiliser light is on it normally means it can't read the transponder in the key.

Does it have an antenna loop around the ignition switch? (under the cowling).
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