vivaro van

6 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a vivaro van which will start ok but after a while just stops .no lwarning lights or codes come up,it will then turn over on key but not start but will start strait away on towing. have had new glow plugs ,mass air flow .egr crank shaft sensor ,tried new trottle pedal, non return valve on feul pipe.and tested just about everthing any ideas welcome
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Not sure what else to try as i don't know them, but a few 'back to basics' ideas:
When it's running, give the key a good wiggle to make sure it's not something like the ignition switch.
If it's temperature related, have you changed the coolant temp sender?
If it starts ok with a tow, but not on the key, this would suggest maybe not enough power getting to the fuel stop solenoid / engine turning over quick enough when cranking the engine. All earths nice and clean? Battery in good nick?
Fuel filter been changed recently? If not, may be water in the filter which gets stirred up after running for a while. If it has, check there are no air leaks on it.
Check the injector leak off pipes. May be sucking in air.

Just a few ideas, but id go with the ignition switch theory first!
Hi again just to let you know its had new battery ,ecu out and tested ,all solidoid tested we are now looking at loom failures
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my 56 reg primastar, basically the same van, was recalled recently for changes to a handbrake linkage and to change the position of some wiring in the engine compartment (i think) which could rub against something and chaff through and cause a possible short. sorry i cant be more specific, maybe a search will bring something up.