vauxhall vivaro diesel van

6 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Vivaro van 04 reg done 41000 miles. Glow plug light is staying on,wrongly diagnosed as 0xygen sensor initially I took it to a main dealer where fault code p105 fuel pump was stored. There is absolutely no difference in performance or consumption and it starts on the button.Has anyone had this and if so was it a wiring loom problem and not the pump.According to the handbook it is water in the filter which I know it isnt or it is an electrical fault so how come the pump is diagnosed as the problem
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In the base of the fuel filter, do you have a screw in oiece of plastic with a fly lead attached, connecting to the engine wiring loom.
:) Thanks for reply, sorry for delay but been away. the van has proper plastic housing for filter, nothing sems to be worn.What makes me suspicious is that the Vauxhall dealer who showed me the p105 diagnostic fault the machanic who diagnosed it said he could do the same job for £760.00 instead of the £2400.00 vauxhall wanted.Fair enough but if it is a wiring fault am I being taken for a mug. Await reply with interest
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