Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9cdti van 2004

13 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
Help - we are having problems with our Vauxhall Vivaro 04 plate SWB 19cdti. Van has been regulary serviced and only done 65,000. Few weeks ago broke down on way back from Crufts, Preheating/Fuel filter/Engine electronics light came on and the van cut out, got towed home and put it into a vauxhall main dealer who diagnosed new fuel pump required and all fuel lines needing renewed, cost over £2,000 though the van is still running with no filings aparent in the fuel filter. As we dont have that kind of money and doubted their findings we put the van into a diesel specialist who said that if the van was still driving there was nothing wrong with the pump.They diagnosed and renewed the fuel pressure regulator (the air mass meter had been renewed the year before). Drove approx 70 miles and it broke down again with same engine light coming on, van put back into garage diagnosed ECU fault so got it home, now told air filters are mega problems with these vans and could be problem any HELP
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