Vauxhall Vivaro steering problem

22 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
I dont know if anyone can give me a few pointers on a problem I have.
05 Vauxhall Vivaro van, 90k
13 months ago steering pump went, it was replaced, 15 miles later went again, Vauxhall main dealers said steering rack is blowing the pumps, so new rack plus pump.
Steering pump has gone again, garage looked at and said theres no problems and that I must have had it on full lock and got air in the system, sounds unlikely to me, ?
However although driveable its still not right, sometimes seems ok then goes stiff.
I am going back to transits, but would like to get the problem sorted before selling.
The garage wont do the repair as its a month out of warranty, only done 5k since the pump and rack were done.
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Only thing you can do to keep the system from overloading will be the tyre pressure. Keep it as high as possible, but you are obviously loosing pressure and therefore assistance, does it happen in both directions, or only one?

The belt is tight, the oil level ok and the filter clean?
Thanks for reply Mursal,
The belts tight and all been checked, the steering goes tight in both directions.
Its okay driving along but goes stiff as soon as you do a tight turn, ie turning into tight spaces on full lock, hence the mechanic said its air getting into system, I cant really see thats the problem as theres no leaks etc and all has been checked this week for the mot.
the other thing that kills power steering pumps is holding the steering on full lock as the pump overheats
if it is fine then stiff it probably has a sticky valve in the pump
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Probably a pump, depending on the Mechanic/cost involved in stripping the valve. Then it may not be a success.

Though don't rule out the steering unit, but try the pump first.