Wall & Fencing Advice Needed

15 Mar 2009
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

I have a perimeter wall in my back garden which is about 4 ft high, it currently has fence posts fixed to the insides of the wall with approx 2ft high overlap fence panels fixed to the posts to raise the wall/fence height to approx 6ft.

The fence panels are in need of replacement but I'd also like to get rid of the handy ledge created by the top of the wall on the outside, would prefer the fencing to be flush to the outside edge of the wall - I have 2 queries;

1. The wall is double thickness with soldier course on top - is it feasible to build piers up on top of the wall to then place fencing between? Would the piers be too narrow or unstable at this size? (two bricks in each course).

2. If option 1 a non-starter what's the best way to fix fencing atop the wall to achieve the finish I'm looking for?

Cheers All
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