Warm water from cold water tap using combi boiler

19 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi lads a couple of months ago i had a valiant ecofit pure 825 fitted and only just started to use it this morning i woke up and found my cold tap was running warm water which j takes a minute or so to run cold do anyone know whats causing it? and is it an easy fix and who would be responsible valiant or the fitter?
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Hi andy and alec_ thanks for replying Is it something to worry about? And how would you fix it? Would the floor have to come up ect or can it be addressed at the boiler or is this something that i should try and live with? I never had this trouble when i had a brittany t2 water heater thanks again
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Personally I'd just live with it. In fact, I do. I've recently moved into a house which had an extension added some years ago. The cold basin tap in there does the same as yours. The pipework is buried behind plasterboard and I have no intention of ripping it all out! Actually I quite like having the chill taken off the cold water during the first few seconds that the tap is on.
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The biggest concern with cold water becoming overly warm from other pies sitting too close or for too long and not being use is legionella. This bacteria is commonly found in most fresh water and all it needs is the right conditions to multiply to large enough numbers to cause the immune system to be overwhelmed.

It lies dormant at temps below 20Deg and is destroyed in temps reaching and over 60deg, anything in between and it's active and multiplying, hence the recommendations of water storing and pipe run design contained in the regs.

Recommendation is always to run cold water to flush out any possible concentrations, especially if it's become warm or sat for extended periods of time.

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