Wasp Problem at Apex of Fascia

13 Feb 2010
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United Kingdom
Noticed yesterday loads of wasps entering and exiting my single floor extension, at the apex. They are entering via what appears through a gap in the cement between bricks OR perhaps it is the final brick (not cemented to an adjacent brick): I can't see because of fascia 'hooded' over the bricks.

The picture below is a bit misleading; there are actually dozens of wasps going in and out of this gap/hole every few minutes.

apex clear sight entrance (2).jpg

Unfortunately I can't tell if there is a nest within the soffits or in the loft area as I have no hatch access up to the loft.

I have ordered wasp powder, tube control bulb and a wasp hood. I will go up ladders and apply puffs of the powder at the entrance - does this sound like the most appropriate course of action?

Next thing I noticed is that on the front and rear of the extension, there is silicone between fascia and bricks:

Silicone on front rear OK.jpg


gap bricks facia 1(2).jpg

But you'll notice there isn't any silicone applied at the gable end. Is this normal? You can see the gap(s) better here:

gap bricks facia 2.jpg


gap bricks facia 3.jpg

The gap(s) between the brick and fascia varies between zero and about 1cm along its entire length.

Should I (after I get rid of the wasps of course) silicone the gap all along the fascia, hopefully ensuring that this would be the last time I have to deal with a wasp problem? Or is there some reason for this 'gap' and should I just leave it as it is?

Finally; the 'hole' in the cement at the apex where the wasps are getting in, I presume I just point this?


  • apex clear sight entrance.jpg
    apex clear sight entrance.jpg
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    gap bricks facia 1.jpg
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14 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
You have a nest 100%.
If there not bothering you just leave them.they'll be gone September..

They ted to find ways in,so id not bother trying to block them.

you can treat them with a good wasp killer But you need to get to it,not easy if its in a bad spot inside the roof space.

best to spray it late evening if you can find it.
i had one last year that was massive!! But the wasp nest killer sorted it.

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