Water butts - Linking and pump?

20 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I got myself a couple of 250L water butts for next to nothing, all I need to pick up tomorrow is a downpipe diverter so I can start using the garage roof to collect rainwater.

I'd like to link the butts together, to double storage capacity. What's the best way to do this? I see connector kits that connect them at the top, but I'd like a way to keep the water level equal in both.

Also, I'd like to use the stored water to run the hose for washing cars, and the garden sprinkler (just a standard Hozelock bar sprinkler) in summer. I understand I'd need some sort of pump for this? Can anyone recommend one? I read reviews of a Hozelock submersible waterbutt pump, but some said it wasn't powerful enough to run a sprinkler?


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if the butts are on the garage roof you may have enough pressure without a pump
any connection should be at the same level as the exit pipe near the bottom with only an inch or so for a crud sump
That Hozelock pump may not be quite powerful enough for a sprinkler. You could try a Titan pump from Screwfix (65041, £40) or maybe look at the larger similar Titan pump also from Screwfix.
I've run an oscillating sprinkler from the £40 Titan pump without a problem, but bear in mind that 2x 250L butts won't last long if you're trying to water a large area of lawn regularly!
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Thanks for your replies, I have connected the butts using a siphon made out of ordinary garden hose with a weight tied to both ends, which is working well.

I have also just been to Screwfix and bought the £40 Titan pump (thanks for the recommendation) but I'm wondering what hose you run off the outlet?

It only seems to take 1 inch or 1.25 inch hose. There is also a 32mm thread that could be connected to... What adapter would I need to fit ordinary 1/2 inch garden hose onto the outlet?

Actually think I just worked it out, I'll need a Hozelock 1" BSP tap connector, will get one tomorrow.

Will this pump continue to try pump against a closed system (say I was using the Hozelock "gun" type attachment to water plants, will it keep pumping if I release the trigger? Will this damage it?
ok, either I've done something wrong or I've bought the wrong pump. :(

Hooked it up tonight, just using ordinary garden hose. However the pressure / flow (not sure which) isn't really good enough. My oscillating sprinkler only covers an area of about 6ft x 4ft!

Here's a few pics:

Any ideas?
Hello garmcqui
I tried to reply to your message but your DIYnot message settings are set to receiving messages only from friends, so it couldn't be sent.........
Sorry this isn't working for you, and I don't really understand why, except I'm using 22mm hose, not 15mm. Maybe the small bore of the hose is causing too much pressure loss/restriction. The pump and sprinkler are the same as yours.
Could you try it with just a very short length of hose and see what difference this makes?
If you use the pump against a closed valve it will tolerate this for a short period, but it's likely to start overheating if you leave it like this for long periods, so best avoided.
Thanks for getting back to me.

The smaller hose could be the problem, so I'll try larger hose.

What fittings/connectors did you use for 22mm hose? Hozelock don't seem to do them?

Thanks again
Sorry for the delayed reply. I use Geka couplings, not Hozelock fittings - I have a commercial horticulture background, and these are an industry standard - just Google images 'Geka couplings' and you'll see the type I mean.
Hope this helps.

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