Water leaking from trv despite turned off

24 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have had this trv replaced kast month and since yesterday, it's leaking and empties the system. I tried to tighten it but no joy. It keeps weeping. To stabilise the pressure and prevent it from emptying so at least I have hot water, I tried to turn it off from both sides but the water still leaks.

Can someone pls advise if I can isolate that radiator and re pressure the system

Thanks lk
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It looks to me like they have tried to re-use the old nut and olive. Not even the old paint has been scraped off. Most likely the old olive is not in exactly the right place for the valve, and will not slide into position.

This will be because the old olive is squashed onto the pipe through overtightening and your installer could not be arsed to do the job properly.

Preferably remove the valve, cut off the olive, clean up the pipe with wire wool, fit a new nut and olive. You had better use PTFE tape as the pipe is not pristine.

Make a note not to use that handyman again.
If it is leaking from the joint between the pipe and the valve which you have circled in red then turning the TRV off is not going to make any difference. Can you get the person that fitted it to come back and do it properly?
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Yes it is leaking from the thread just above the valve. I tried to tighten the thread but no joy. It has emptied the system, and I am left with no hot water or heating. The plumber is coming today evening to get this fixed. Hopefully will be sorted. Thank you.
IMO if he was capable of doing a competent job he would have done it the first time.
Unfortunately, I think that is a fair assessment. Cutting olives off pipes isn't the easiest job to DIY as it is easy to damage the pipe. If it is just weeping it might hold with a few turns of PTFE over the olive?
Thanks everyone. Hope the pipe does not get damaged if he has to cut the olive as he is coming in the evening. I am always worried when tradesmen men work on essential things like boiler, water pipes or electrics in the evening
If he is a plumber by trade he will have no problem fixing it. If it is the same person that fitted it in the first place then I'm not convinced that he is a plumber.

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