Wax or Oil Oak Table/Chairs

20 Dec 2006
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United Kingdom
I have an oak table and chair set which was purchased unoiled. The shop said to use Danish Oil about once a year or so to keep the wood in good condition and to stop it drying out.

I did this, but wasn't happy with the "sheen" the danish oil gave the wood.

The table could now do with being redone, however, I'd prefer not to use Danish oil again, unless I have to.

Are there other alternatives? Someone suggested I could use some sort of wax instead of the oil. I don't want to put something on it that will either ruin the wood or not react well going onto something that has previously been treated with Danish oil.

All I really want is a matte finish and healthy wood.

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Two options here,

1. You could use 0000 steelwool and some wax. Rub onto the surface in even sweepeing movemnets leave for a few minutes and buff off. This should dull down the sheen level of your existing Danish Oil.

2. Buy Smith & Rodger's Danish Oil, it's different from all the other brands as it dries to a matt finish and doesn't alter the colour of the wood to the same extent.

I hope this helps

Thanks for that, I like the sound of the wax. However, this might sound stupid, but safe than sorry; is wax safe to use on the oak chairs as well, ie it won't mark the clothes of whoever sits on the chair?
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Cool. Any particular brand/type of wax you'd recommend? I want a matte finish which will care for the wood, without altering the colour of the wood (if at all possible).

I did a quick search t'internet and there are so many different brands and types :(
You could use, Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax Clear, Smith and Rodger (Glasgow) Superwax White Polish or Harrells Wax. Any of these will do the job.
Ended up getting clear Black Bison Liquid wax (website said it was the same but better for larger objects).

Have done one bit of furniture and it's come up lovely, so thanks for the help.

Oil dosnt stop moisture, and is a purely decorative finish, it does help however to stop fingermarks and other general dirt marking the surface of the timber.
No worries, this has been more to look after the wood in terms of it drying out, not so much protecting it from damage.

However what I've used is wax, not oil.... or am I missing something?

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