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Weatherproof Gap between a building and garned wall

Discussion in 'Building' started by russellshelley42, 12 Oct 2021.

  1. russellshelley42


    11 Oct 2021
    Thanks Received:
    United Kingdom
    Were building an extention.
    Current plans have a 100mm gap between the neighbours garden wall and our 2 story extention (technically 2 story, in reality a sloping dorm roofline).
    Originally we wanted to abbutt up against the wall but to get planning we had to give the neighbours a gap as they didnt want facia/gutter/roofline overhang.
    The build with be blockwork with a brick face layed overhand (again neighbours dont want scafholding)

    Anyway this 100mm gap is about 4.5m long. Ideally we want the full width, but im concerned with apropriate weatherproofing. What things should I be thinking about? Should I be concerned at all?

    Ill have to construt some sort of pole and scaper to pull any crap out from the gap once in a while.....
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