Whats this valve?

23 Jan 2024
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

My in-laws are getting a new fridge freezer and after ripping out some old units there was a valve in the wall. The sparky he did the new plug socket said it's something to do with the gas but there is no pipe leading from the valve on the opposite side of the wall.
Any ideas on what this could be please?
My initial thoughts are it's from an old cylinder boiler as the new one is under the stairs just behind where this valve is.
Apologies for the quality of photo, I did not take these!
Thanks in advance


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I've got literally the same poking out of an internal wall. Be interesting to see what others say on this!

Also thought it was water related based on shape etc!
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Thanks for the quick response on this. I'll get someone round to take a look and take it from there!
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What's on the other side of the wall?
Does it go into another room or the outside of the house?
It does look like an old gas supply point though, so getting a Gas Safe engineer to check it out is the best plan, as it may still be connected back near the gas supply.
Some of the older houses still have the mild steel gas carcass buried in the wall or floor with "supply " points where appliances would be installed. Looks like a cooker point. If not in use put a blank to seal. Tested afterwards of course. May be old and gas supply replaced by copper pipe. As stated by CBW and conny , get gas man to test to see if still live. If not live, can be cut out.
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