Whirlpool dishwasher wont run full program... :-(

13 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
I got a Whirlpool Dishwasher ADP931 in my kitchen and for a week or two now it will not run past the rinsing part.

When I turn the switch to any of the programs the start indicator flashes. I can start the program by holding in the start button for a few seconds.

Then the machine begins to hum for a minute or 2. Then it stops. The Start indicator is not lit anymore. I press it again, and the machine begins to hum again for a minute or 2. Then it starts filling with water, and rinsing begins. After the rinsing is done it pumps all the water out again. (If I want to run another program its back to start again with a flashing indicator).

I have checked everything I am capable of checking.
I checked the filter on the box-thing (at the end of the watersupply-hose from the dishwasher) that connects to the watersupply beneath the sink. There was nothing to be seen that should clog it. I checked that the water flowed freely out of the dishwasher as well. So I can't see any reason why the dishwasher won't run as it should.

How many filters are there to look at? There is the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher inside (cleaned that one). The washingarms had nothing clogging them either. Opening the dishwasher while rinsing I clearly see that the washingarms are working.

Then there is a container at the left bottom side inside the dishwasher (Salt-container?). Should it be filled with water, or empty? Should there be salt inside? (I understand the salt is to make the water less hard. Some people say it is only needed in countries where the water supply has chlorine in it...?).

I have read the manual, but it is very vague.

* Fault Indicated?
The Start indicator lamp flashes:
Other faults signals <symbol1> <symbol2> <symbol3> <symbol4> depending on the model installed.
The programme progress indicatpr lamp <symbol1> on the control panel flashes:
Detach the lower spray arm. Check crockery and cutlery have been loaded correctly and that the lower spray arm had been correctly fitted.

Thats all there is about my problem in the manual. And I don't have a model with the symbols defined. Just the Start indicator.


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YAY! :)

A service man came and took a look at it. The error was in a sensor at the bottom. The sensor that notices if there is water inside. The machine believed it was filled with water even after it pumped out what was in there. Therefore it would not proceed.

We tried to use a brush to remove the dirt blocking the sensor, but had to yank it out below the machine to clean it.

Et voilà. The machine is now working again. Even better. My 5 year warranty have not expired, so its free :) . (he also found out I had to replace the pump as he saw residues from old water leaking).

Hope this might help other ppl who've come into similar problems.

If the sensor is clogged by fat or something else the machine wont function properly.


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