Whole host of pitched to flat roof questions

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Sorry, been busy, however have been playing around with roof drainage.
Possibly three ways to do it, but need the following information,
Width and length of extension.
Width and length of flat roof area,
Width and length of roof light.
Can you explain how glass cladding is fixed.
Where are your two down pipes going.
Dare not ask about thermal lose or thermal gain.
Regards oldun
Hi Oldun,
Width and length is 8348 x 3997 max.
Width and length of flat roof area is 5375 x 2350 ish.
Width and length of roof light is 4375 x 1350 ish.

Glass cladding will be done by oak cladding the steel posts/beams in 38mm kiln dried oak to 3 sides, softwood packer same depth of glass unit and an air dried oak cover board to sandwich glass, EPDM glassing tape inside and out. Much the same as most green oak structures to allow for movement without loss of glassing seal.
Thanks very much for the info.
Sorry to be a pain, but have you got elevation drawing of the glass panels etc?
The critical question you did not answer was where do you propose to fit down pipes?
Regards oldun
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Sorry I should have read your post thoroughly. The down pipe will be on the left hand corner of the orangery/original house as you look down from the top of the orangery. I don't have any elevation drawing as in the original drawing I had planned to fit oak framed windows within the steel frame. I have added a photo of the intended look though apart from it will go down to ground level in my case.
Orange Man, Have gone every way but loose, and still not come up with answer we are happy with.
Working out rain intensity litres p/sec per m2 is no problem, ditto mm cube per hour, how ever flow capacity at head of water is not so simple but we feel sure that 4 number 50mm outlet would cope.
Did intend to change side outlets to 50mm centre outlets with bends as required solvent welded and 50mm waste pipe running down between rafters and waste pipe either in facia box or below soffit with gutter on rise and fall and swan neck discharging into hopper and also the two 50mm outlets discharging into same hopper.
This is all out of the window now due to no facia box and single down pipe in far left hand corner
Making up a square or circular lead outlet with a weathering cover plate for tiles will tax a first class leadman/burner.and to be honest I think it will not be effective or water proof
Have other things to do, will come back within two days with a couple of alternatives.
Regards oldun...
Many thanks Mr O, at this rate I'll have to etch your name on one of our steels for future generations. By the way mentioning steels, it's all up as of yesterday and it's looking bigger by the day :eek:
Orange Man,
As your steels are up, it is a bit in late in the day now to alter roof. Was going to suggest change roof design falls, and let flat roof water discharge over top left hand side., leave of ridge tiles left hand side, substitute with lead cover flashing apron either straight or scalloped.
Done it a few times in the past, and it does not look bad.

Or all as above but use ridge tiles, but leave one ridge out in the centre and in this section form open hopper chute for water. to run down tiled roof

Or leave half ridge tile out left hand side against existing house, form open end chute and secrect gutter under toof tiles and to fall of roof.
We have done all three in the past and never had a problem..
By now you should have better knowledge of your problems and would suggest a meeting with your Arch and ask for his opinion.
Afraid that we can not be of any further help to you, Hope the sun shines on your progress, and would appreciate seeinag a photo when finishsed.
Regards oldun
Many thanks Mr O, Don't hold your breath re the finished photos I think I may well have a few more areas of interest to sort out yet.

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