BOB.ELOD said:
Tell yea what timmy the tank engine if yea found my marbles yea wanna stick them in a jar with a bit of whiskey and sell them on ebay, yoe will get a nice price for um matey.
"wept for my daddyo there's whisky in the jaroh" :LOL:
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"wept for my daddyo:LOL:[/quote]

Hows yea mamma tim, do do da do

last time i saw yea father fred west do wee
hung him self in a cell.

Hows yea mammy now doo wee

Poor old Rose..........
tim west said:
breezer said:
that is how lead shot used to be made, only on a bigger scale
sorry breezer but that's not quite the case, they used to make lead shot in tall towers where the lead was dropped through sieves and into water over a distance to create perfectly spherical shot. some towers are still around one of them is in brentford middx

I think, if you read in between lines, that's what breezer says.

Watching t.v. about 5yrs, i think, this is still done this way today?.
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The bubbles are water vapour.

Boiling point is 99.6C but IIRC triple point is 0.01C as at that temperature both solid, liquid and gaseous states can exist - so you do get water vapour given off before the pan boils.

The stream of bubbles comes from an irregularity in the base of the pan which causes localised evaporation. . . wait for it . . . you can see a similar effect at the bottom of a full glass of beer where the bubbles will come from iregularities in the glass and not randomly (but that is CO2 coming out of solution rather than evaporation). Indeed a couple of years ago they experinented with dimpled bottoms on lager glasses as a way of generating more bubbles and making the head last longer.

Beer is more fun that water in a pan, tastes better than water when you drink it after you have seen the bubbles.