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Wi-Fi Heating control needed

Discussion in 'Home Automation' started by spud1962, 24 Mar 2017.

  1. spud1962


    4 Jul 2004
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    United Kingdom
    I'm looking to install a basic domestic wi-fi heating controller to replace a Danfoss FP975 control box. The unit currently controls CH & DHW. My boiler is an old fashioned back-boiler and not a modern condenser type.

    I'm looking for (at least) simple on/off control via android app for each (CH & DHW), combined with manual control at the box. No "temperature zone" control is required as my heating system only has manual TVR's. I'm looking for something very basic & low cost.

    Could anyone suggest a model that would simply slot into place?
  2. Rudie


    10 Nov 2013
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    West Midlands
    United Kingdom
    I got a hive installed. Should be able to work off any boiler but would require some wiring to the receiver. Hun is straight forward to install on the router but depending on the distance between you receiver/hub/thermostat you may need some hive signal booster plugs which they give for free.

    App is very good and let's you control hearing from there Also allows text messages to be sent as well to command the hearing.
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  4. ericmark


    27 Jan 2008
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    Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
    United Kingdom
    The Danfoss FP975 is nothing more than a time switch, in the main only the normally open contact is used, however it does allow with a thermo syphon domestic hot water to link the hot water and central heating controls so you can't ask for something it can't deliver. There are loads of time switches on the market which could do the same job, even if they are not designed to do it. The MiHome MIHO014 is an example, although I think it only has three events per day, so I am sure there are better. I have the MiHome socket and light switch I expect the relay is very similar.

    I can only say what I have and what it will do, but since the light switch and socket are nearly the same in what they can do, I would expect the same functions, so you can select which days of the week you want the timing function to work on, and can set three on times, this is the auto bit, you can use up to three remote controls to switch it on and off with four if you don't connect to a hub, the hub connects to router hard wired to router wifi to relay, and then you can use phones or computer to switch on/off and set the program, you can also select apps from the app store to do things like switch it on when there is a bad weather report.

    The rub is you need the hub as well, so before buying look at others, as you may wish other things to use the same hub, you can get MiHome eTRV which you may at a latter date want, but as said others do the same thing. LightwaveRF is another example.

    What you need to think about is why do you want it? I have been setting up mothers central heating, what I found was the house is slow to cool and slow to warm, so switch off a room overnight and the room has only dropped a couple of degrees, and to heat it up again also takes a long time so I have to start some two hours before required, not all homes are the same, my own home uses fan assisted radiators and is a lot faster, but in my mothers house saving money by switching off the central heating for a few hours is pointless, although clearly you do save, it uses that much power heating up again it must be a very small amount.

    I have just spent ages automating her house so I don't need to manually adjust anything, switch on and forget, the whole idea of having to use you phone to manually adjust central heating is a backwards step, having it detect the phone and automatic switch on heating yes good, but if you have to manually do it than a backwards step, so if your working 2 hours from home then having it detect you have left work and switching on the heating great, if you live 20 minuets from home, then not enough time, better using simple timer.

    Hot water should not really need remote control, lagged tanks will stay warm for a week, so no point switching off if thermostatic controlled. So yes can be done, but big question is if there is any advantage? I can from home monitor my mothers heating, OK don't live at home now, I live with mother, but before I left home it would have been an advantage to monitor her heating, in her case before I moved in NEST or HIVE would have helped, but since fitting eTRV's I realise really no point in a half hearted control, either go the whole hog and install something like the EvoHome, or go really cheap and use a hard wired programmable thermostat. Really no point going half way with hive or nest, yes mihome has a follow command with nest, but it is no where near as good as the EvoHome system.

    And with a non condensate boiler is it really worth it? Some boilers need a supply all the time, others you simply switch off the supply to switch them on and off, There are simple plug in devices which could control the latter. Never used one these sockets seem to be wifi controlled from phone, if the boiler does not need a 24/7 supply one of these may do the job.
  5. best ask in the plumb & heating forum.

    some small degree of wiring alterations will be required,no such thing as a slot in replacement as yet.

    very much diy do able but post some photos of your existing controls,it really helps.

    luv eric's response.

    good luck.
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