WiFi thermostat install

29 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi there, I’m looking to replace my old analog thermostat with a new WiFi one I bought however I will need to do a little rewiring and some help would be very welcomed. I only have 2 wires for the old thermostat so I will need to relocate and rewire. Can anyone help as to what wires should go where.
Thank you
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The old thermostat wiring is irrelevant.
RF ones render the wiring to the existing thermostat redundant.

The receiver should be installed near the wiring centre or boiler where all the necessary wires will be present.
I did say I need to rewire. I have included pictures of the new thermostat wiring and the boilers wiring
The thermostat would appear to need a remote probe, as used for underfloor heating systems.
Are you sure it is suitable for your purposes, ie, does it have an internal room sense function?

Wiring is so simple, even my dog csn understand it. But here goes..

1 and 2 on the stat go to 1 and 2 on the boiler.

L and N go to `(guess where) yes to L and N on the boiler.
Dont forget that all cables must have an earth conductor.

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I was gonna try it that way but didn’t wanna just presume that would be ok. It says that it’s compatible. Thank you
Nevertheless, there has to be one in the cable connected at the boiler.

In any case there will be a green and yellow in the 4 core so use 5 core.
Thanks mate. Have done that for now and have ordered some 5 core off eBay. It’s working like a charm. Thanks to both of you
Start at the beginning, why do you want a wall thermostat, and what do you expect it to do?

Analogue thermostats are clearly better than digital, however the length of the off/on period can mean digital can in some cases control as well as analogue, but may use more fuel as the digital thermostat can mess up the boilers modulation sequence.

I see Modbus marked on the thermostat but not a clue how Modbus works and if also is there Modbus on the boiler? Basic idea with modern boilers is they don't turn off/on but up down, that is why the thermostat connects to the boiler bus rather than simply off/on. And before switching a boiler off it needs to cool and an off/on thermostat simply does not do that.

Many systems use the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) to control room temperature, however your wall thermostat seems to have sensors to compensate for weather, however it does not seem to link to the TRV's.

To my mind the whole idea is to have a single heat producing unit (boiler) but retain individual control of each room, with an inhibit to stop boiler when good weather is likely, the latter with my system is manual, however no one can advise what you should do until they know what your aim is. And of course what the boiler and thermostat is able to do.

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