17 Jul 2018
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United Kingdom
Trying to problem solve this in my head...

Struggling to get any decent WiFi single in garage at bottom of garden, powerline not technically an option based on different ring mains, but knowing that isn’t strictly something that stops it working I tried it and it’s not use.

I was thinking of running Cat6 cable from the back of the router to the garage, probably 40m ish in distance by time you’ve navigating out the wall round the house etc etc

What I’m trying to work out is can I then take the other end of the Cat6, into the garage, plug it into the source slot of another router and create a cracking second WiFi zone in the garage? I’m guessing not under this setup but is there kit out there that does what I’m trying to achieve?
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With what you have:

Run ethernet to pc.

If you then want other wifi items in your garage to connect, create a Wifi hotspot (assuming windows) to share the ethernet provided internet so other items (wifi printers, phone etc in the garage) can connect to it.


From here http://woshub.com/how-to-create-a-wi-fi-access-point-on-windows-10/

Sure you can do it with another router, and it'll be better / wont nees your pc on, but, that depends on the router and some fiddlin'

Method above will get you up & running now
Run cat5e/6 from router to garage
Use an old router/ Wi-Fi extender to extend internet from into garage.
Using a Wi-Fi extender with Ethernet points ,this will allow you to plug devices .
No PC in garage sadly...

handymanjo wouldn’t the router in garage be looking for its signal from coax now I think about it? Not sure that methods going to work
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The cat5e cable from the back of your router to the access point will extend the Wi-Fi signal from your existing router to the access point then extending the Wi-Fi signal down the garden. You do not need a pc in your garage.
No PC in garage sadly
I assumed it was a home office garage...

wouldn’t the router in garage be looking for its signal from coax now I think about it? Not sure that methods going to work
Depends on the router. If its an old one from a broadband install, probably not, unless you can flash it with OpenWrt.

Otherwise, as HandymanJo says, buy a wifi extender
Use a wifi "booster" that also happens to be switchable to an access point. The are self contained and plug into a wall socket (but don't use ethernet-over-power)

A bit of background reading.


There's two lines of thought on having a distant router. You can either make it appear to be the same WiFi network, so you only have to join one network and it'll work everywhere, or you set them up as separate networks (both of which use your broadband to connect to the internet), which probably have similar names and passwords.

The second one is generally more foolproof and easier, the first can work better and looks more slick.

As jack and nozzle say, old WiFi routers can often be used as WAPs, otherwise they're cheap to buy. It's effectively any WiFi router you didn't get free with broadband, and many of those you did get free.
Phone line > [main modem router] > CAT 6 > [any surplus to needs wifi router] > CAT 6 > laptop etc. or use 2nd router' wifi.

You can run CAT6 up to 100 yards.

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