10 Dec 2003
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United Kingdom
I need some 'guide for an idiot' advice from computer gurus here. Hope someone can give me step be step guide as to what is wrong with my netwrok. Some of the term I use may not be strictly correct, so please make an allowance for this lack of knowledge.

I have a Dell PC, External system hard drive and Virgin internet. The modem was replaced by Virgin some time ago when I called them as internet speed was poor. This modem was Linksis to Wireless B router by Linksis. I could not update the software on wife's iPad as system would drop out. The WiFi eventually stopped working. Called Virgin to be told the router was faulty.

Internet works if modem outlet plugged inti PC. Have swopped leads (blue from modem to router, green router to PC and black router to system drive. Blue plugged into PC instead of router- PC works. Green now between modem and PC- PC still works. Moment router inline between modem and PC, no work. Tried with system drive disconnected made no difference)

Got another router from son. It is called Belkin FSD7234-4v3. WiFi stil not working.



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With wireless router connected between modem and PC, clicking on two monitor icon botton taskbar, I get the message 'network 6, Access- local only'

With modem connected to PC following is shown. Network 5, Access- local and internet

Hi Dan

Can you provide the model numbers of all the modems and routers you have. The way you are connecting it sounds a little confusing at this time. (ie, it sounds like you have a separate modem and router and also a combined modem/router).


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The modem was provided by Virgin Media. Label on the base of modem says 'Trade name: Ubee' Model number EDM 2500. The patch cord (blue- colour mentioned for clarification only) at present connects the modem to PC

Use to have Linksys Wireless Router 802.11B. WiFi stopped working. Called Virgin to be told the router was faulty, right enough internet works if modem is connected to PC.

In an attempt teo get the WiFi to work, I got a Belkin model F5D7234-4 v3.
Unplugged the green lead from back of PC and plugged it into modem socket at the back of the router. A green lead is then inserted into socket 1 back of router and other end of green lead plugged into the PC.

Clicking on the 2 monitor icon bottom right gives message mentioned above (local access only)
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Cable modems (Virgin Media that is) remember the identification of the network card last plugged in. Switch off the Virgin Media modem, switch off the belkin router. Connect the PC to the Belkin router with an ethernet cable. Connect the Belkin to the cable modem with an ethernet cable. Close down the PC. Leave the modem off for about 10 minutes

Switch on the Virgin Media modem. Leave until the lights all come up normally (except the LAN light) Now switch on the router. Leave it until the lights are on to show connection to the modem is successful (this should bring up the LAN light on the cable modem). Now switch on your PC. Wait for it to start up, and look at the network icon in the System Tray (bottom right of the screen by the clock) If these lights are flashing correctly, then you should now be able to access the internet. NOTE: With WIN7 and Vista, you may be prompted to say what type of network you are connecting to. Answer Home or Work to ensure internet connectivity as WIN7/Vista can sometimes block internet access on some public networks.

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Many thanks Astra. WiFi now working. Thanks again.

Dan :)