what kit do i need



I once had a router, but it had an "accident" i never liked it much anyway.

what I would like to do, is to connect both pc's to the internet at the same time (easy you say, well i would like some advice please)

I actualy have 2 identical bb modems, and i can switch the phone line between the two (well it works)

what I would like is a box (router?) that i can plug both pcs into and away they go.

How ever, i would also like to have the following

this box must be "stand alone" (so if one pc is off the other can still access the net, my old one had to have this pc on to run the box, so to use other pc this one had to be on)

Routers i have seen say they can do this......................untill you read the small print, they require a bb modem too.

I suppose i would really want one that is modem and router in one box if it exists)

useless info

I know each pc will require a network card

my current twin bb modems are stingrays and they can not cope with new bb speed that i have or at least i should have soon.

I really guess i would like a

"you want this and this" please
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Initial question - are you on ADSL or cable?
Either way, a modem (of the right type) is all you need
You need either a combined modem/router with at least 2 ethernet ports, or, as I have, a combined modem/router with 1 port which then runs to a switch to share the connection between all the PCs.

Obviously the 1st method is a little tidier but my method is still fairly inexpensive and the router I have has a good reputation for being reliable and provides a very good hardware NAT firewall.

To copy me, you need to buy this and this.

Note that the second item includes the 2 network cards and 8m cables, I found this to be great value!

Other point, also note that the modem/router I recommend says in the blurb that it can be used on it's own to connect 2 machines - you do NOT want to do this as it means connecting one by ethernet and the other by USB, not ideal - this model is suberb with ethernet but pants with USB. Buy the switch as well and do it all by ethernet.

Still fairly tidy too - my setup:
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Your right, DSL routers, network switches, wireless access points and DSL modems are all different things. You can buy devices which do all of them but you do need to check the small print.

Many "DSL routers" Have nothing whatever to do with DSL as they do not contain a modem.

Check that your DSL router has a modem before you buy. And while you're at it check that it has a "statefull" firewall.

I've had a number of DSL Router/Modems and think well of the one I've got now a Netgear DG834GT. Netgear is an offshoot of Nortel who are one of the big boys in the networking world.
eggplant said:

More expensive than a belkin and a cheap switch but well worth the extra - like most things you get what you pay for.
That said, theres nothing wrong with the other setup, the cheaper routers are often somwhat limited in terms of configuration though.

They r the dogs nuts when compared to other home/soho routers and I always recommend them. More expensive, but great features and reliability. You might want to consider VOIP at this point and some of the Daytek range incorporate a port(s) so you can use a standard analogue phone. Draytel VOIP service is excellent and comes with a lot of free features. You can use it to connect to other SIP services free of charge and to call global PSTN networks at very low cost. It can provide you with an additional phone line with a geographic number with no setup or ongoing service charges. More info here

More info on Draytek here.

Use their chart to determine which features are important to you.

What else can I say. They r the biz (I should be on commission :D )
Many "DSL routers" Have nothing whatever to do with DSL as they do not contain a modem
which wouldnt make it a dsl router......
Netgear do both home and business equipment, the one you reference is one of the standard home ones.
Be careful when comparing products by comanies such as your NEtgear/Nortel comparison, it by no means makes one as good as the other, for example Linksys is part of Cisco but I cant imagine installing a £50 linksys router (which are IMO no better or wors than any of the other budget equipment such as your netgear) in a proper network. Likewise, BMW and Minis - I know whish I'd prefer ;)
eggplant said:
Many "DSL routers" Have nothing whatever to do with DSL as they do not contain a modem
which wouldnt make it a dsl router......

?? That was exactly my point, or prehaps I should have explained that some Routers are called "DSL routers" on the package but the actual router doesn't have a DSL modem on it, its possibly called that because the people they expect to buy it have DSL broadband? Bit of a cheek in my opinion as I know a few people who got caught out.
Bit of a cheek in my opinion as I know a few people who got caught out
I dont know if I consider it a cheek or not, sometimes people assume, other times marketing goes way over the top, but IMO all too often people buy the cheapest possible product as long as the picture on the box looks ok - quite possibly one of the main reasons there is so much cheap crap about today. Admittedly, part of this may be lack of knowledge on the buyers part.
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