Wireless Help Needed.

30 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
I am using a HP Pavillion Desktop as my main PC, using XP Home but want to connect my daughters laptop wirelessly. I have a Netgear WGR614 router and the laptop is a Sony Viao running Vista. In the router box I have the router, USB adaptor, male/female USB cable and a blue ethernet cable. I also have a blue ethernet cable between my modem and myHP Desktop and a USB from the modem to my Desktop. Can anyone tell me how/which wire goes where to go wireless on the laptop. A small diagram would be brilliant if thats possible.
Thanks in advance.
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How about this one.

I have a Netgear WGR614 router
Is this new or are you using it already ? sounds like it's new.

I also have a blue ethernet cable between my modem and myHP Desktop and a USB from the modem to my Desktop.
Why do you have the modem connect to your desktop with both ethernet and USB ?

Who is your ISP, Virgin Media ?
Hi wanleg,
thanks for the reply. We have had this router for about 18 months and did have it working at first. When the daughter moved out I disconnected it to save clutter on my desk. Trying to re-connect it and we keep running into brick walls. It tells me I have a static IP when in fact I have a Dynamic, (yes I am with Virgin Media and checked with them last night that it is Dynamic), if I go down the road of configuring it myself I can get to the page where it asks for info such as 'Get Dynamic ISP? Get Dynamic DNS? and various other things. 2 seperate guys during 2 seperate phone calls to Netgear Support 'walked' me through the whole process including which wire to connect to where, turn your modem off, turn your router off, turn your modem back on and wait 2 minutes, turn your router on and wait etc etc. and still it wouldn't work.
So I've decided to give up and keep my desktop wired in and give the lappy back to my daughter. I only wanted the lappy so I could sit in the living room with my good lady while she watched the telly and I could surf the net.
Thanks for your reply anyway.
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Hi, Although i dont know the router it should work the same as others so with my HP pavilion and ACER laptop all i have done is put a USP wireless receiver (about £10) in the front USP of the HP and the laptop has its own wireless card in anyway.

In this way the router only needed to be connected to the telephone outlet. 1 cable and two computers which i can use anywhere in the house