wireless router setup.

Hi SPARK123. The guy came round, clicked on something to do with a proxy server, unclicked it, and then put in IE and it worked !!!! i reckon i had solved it the day before, but just not gone back into the router... damn technology lol

But anyway, just to say i very much appreciate all you time and effort. And i think you got me 90% of the way. Cheers my friend.
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I am having similar problems to yourself (see my posts).

Do you know where this proxy button was that the guy clicked and unclicked?
i think he went into control panel (windows XP), internet options, connections tab, select (click once) the default network (ie your connection to the net), then click the settings button and it's in there. But i couldn't tell you what it's for?!
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or even the LAN SETTINGS button on the same page....

but i think you should check you LAN connection for the right PPPOE or OA setting...