wireless router setup.



Having trouble getting internet through my new Netgear Super-G wireless modem router.

Original setup is as follows...

Phone cable from socket into dial-up modem. Cable from modem into pc (ethernet socket i think).

New set up...

Phone cable into netgear router. Cable from router into different socket on pc (usb i think). Netgear can get adsl, and my new laptop can get on the net wirelessly. My pc just won't connect.

Any thoughts? questions? advice please?
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forgot to mention...I have done this and get nothing

Open IE and type (if in default state) and click go. It should ask you for a username and password. The defaults are admin and password respectively. You should then be presented with the router home page.
Remove USB cable. Use ethernet into one of the 4 ports on the back of the router.
What is the model of the router? What does the port look like where it plugs in? Like this (network)?:
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Sounds like you now have the router plugged into a network socket on your PC, I have the same router and doesn't have USB. When you plug it in do you get a notification; something like "Local area Connection connected at 100.0Mbps" in the taskbar? When you open internet explorer, if you click tools (you may need to press alt to see the menu), internet options, connection tab, is never dial a connection selected?

If this doesn't work, if you click start, run and type command. This should open a command box. At the prompt, type IPCONFIG/ALL
What does it say for ethernet local area connection? Does it give an IP address of 192.168.0.* where * is a number between 2 & 255
Thanks Spark123
To answer your questions:

1. no, nothing in the taskbar
2. no, 'never dial a connection' is not ticked
3. i don't get command, i get run (XP?) and IPCONFIG/ALL won't work

And there was an error in the OP. Old set up has USB from modem into PC. New set up uses a cable from wireless modem/router into LAN port on PC.

So to summarise...
a. telephone cable from wall to wireless modem router and i get the 'net on wireless laptop.
b. telephone cable to old modem and usb to pc and i get 'net on the pc.

but telephone cable to wireless modem/router, and ethernet (? lan?) cable to PC and the PC has no idea that it is connected to a modem.
Firstly try removing the drivers for the old USB modem and tick the never dial a connection.
With the PC plugged in via the ethernet cable to the router, if you open control panel and select Network Connections, what do you have there under LAN/High-Speed Internet? Mine has "Local Area Connection - Connected"
Try opening start, all programs, accessories, command prompt, try the IPCONFIG/ALL
You should end up with something like this:

Right, finally done as suggested, and my screen is the same except mine has dhcp enabled - yes, and ip address

and i enabled the Local Area Connection, so i think it can now see the LAN port, but if it type:

into internet explorer, it still says 'not found'
If you go back to the Command Prompt and type PING what happens?

I have DCHP disabled on my router (which looks after handing out the IP addresses to the computers/VOIP phone/Network hard disk) in favour of setting up the IP addresses manually myself.
With only 2 PCs and a laptop on your network you shouldn't have a problem. What did the default gateway and DNS server say on yours?
If i ping it, it responds with data.

What i have though is a pc with a usb to a usb modem and also an ethernet from the same pc to the netgear router modem. And i'm swapping the phone/data cable from the bt socket between the two modems.

When i'm plugged into the zyxel (usb) modem with the phone cable i can get the internet and i can see, and ping the netgear modem. But when i put the phone cable into the netgear modem, i can get the internet wirelessly, but the pc (still plugged in via the ethernet) won't see the netgear modem.

Sorry if i'm repeating myself. But it helps me to keep it clear in my mind
Have you removed the USB modem drivers and told explorer to never dial a connection?


You should be able to ping the Netgear router with only the network cable attached from the PC to it??
Hi, no not deleted the drivers... simply because i don't know how to load them back again if that doesn't work !!!

Is it possible just to disable them in some way?
Not sure, I know the USB modems are more software orientated whereas the Router is hardware, the router does not require any additional software to work - it just attaches to the network - it sounds like your network port is functioning OK.
Your ISP who provided you with the modem should have provided you with a disk, put that in the skip with the USB modem ;) .
Hi Spark123, thanks for your time. I have the guy who supplies our broadband coming over to have a look at it tomorrow.... i will keep you informed.
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